What Strange Beasts – Starlight’s Castaways – Album Review – Vintage Alternative Progressive Rock from Bryn Mawr Skyway, Washington, USA

Today I am writing about the promising psychedelic progressive rock band; What Strange Beasts, from Bryn Mawr Skyway, Washington, USA with; Starlight’s Castaways, their latest long-play studio album released on February 3rd, 2023.

What Strange Beasts – Cat’s Paw

The first single from the second album by What Strange Beasts (Starlight’s Castaways)

I was recently introduced to What Strange Beasts and their latest studio album, “Starlight’s Castaways,” a journey of 26 songs spanning over an hour of progressive music. At first listen, their music felt familiar and easy, but it quickly grew on me.

Starlight’s Castaways” stands out with its 80s prog-rock focus and character, blending alternative, psychedelic, progressive, and indie rock influences. Throughout the album, the band showcases their versatility, incorporating a range of musical influences while maintaining their established, vintage, and nostalgic sound.

One of the highlights of the album is its unorthodox structure. Each song is accompanied by an instrumental piece, creating a deeper and cinematic experience for the listener. This approach shows the band’s potential as a prog-rock group and demonstrates their advanced musicianship and musical vision.

Lastly, What Strange Beasts have also drawn inspiration from some of the most influential prog-rock bands of the 80s, including Pink Floyd, Rush, and Queen. The result is a well-crafted album that showcases their promise as a progressive band.

What Strange Beast - Band Photo 1

What Strange Beasts, band photo
Credit: Unknown

While the album is certainly well-done, I must admit that its length made it a bit difficult for me to fully grasp its message. While the songs flow together nicely, I didn’t have any standout moments or specific tracks that stayed with me after listening.

What Strange Beast - Band Photo 2

What Strange Beasts, Band Photo
Credit: Unknown

Taking everything into consideration, I have to admit that listening to Starlight’s Castaways was a delightful experience. A smooth and cohesive musical journey with a vintage and nostalgic 80s prog-rock focus and character, blending various rock influences seamlessly. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

What Strange Beast - Starlights Castaways Album Front Cover

Starlight’s Castaways (2022) Album Front Cover Artwork

released February 3, 2023

Aaron Kremer: Bass, Synthesizer, Acoustic Guitar (Oceanglass, One Time Pad), Vocals
Benjamin Ruby: Synthesizers, Piano, B3, Wurly, Theremin, Vocals
Alley C: Guitars
Jonathan Maxwell: Drums, Acoustic Guitar (Imperfect Vision, Deeper Space), Vocals

Produced & Mixed by Don Gunn at The Office
Recorded at London Bridge Studios by Don Gunn
Shoreline, Washington
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering

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