Undusted - The Seventh Race - Song Review - Deathcore from Latvia

Undusted - The Seventh Race - Song Review - Deathcore from Latvia
Undusted - The Seventh Race - Song Review - Deathcore from Latvia

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Undusted, a promising deathcore band from Latvia. In this review, we will explore their monstrous song, "The Seventh Race," delving into its character, style, story, and potential.

Undusted first caught my attention about a year ago with their powerful song "Method to Madness." Since then, they have continued to impress with their melodic, atmospheric, and technical approach to deathcore/metalcore. Now, with their latest single, "The Seventh Race," released in 2020, Undusted showcases their exceptional talent once again. Although they have been making official releases since 2017, it's worth noting that the band has been working together since 2005. Some of you might already be familiar with Undusted from our previous reviews or the Metalhead Community's Top Metal Songs Playlist on Spotify. Now, let's dive into the details of this captivating song.

Undusted has quickly become one of my top contenders for the future of metal. While it may seem premature to make such claims for a band with only seven released songs, their unique experience sets them apart from the vast majority of metalcore/deathcore bands. Undusted consistently showcases their advanced musicianship, and "The Seventh Race" is another testament to their exceptional abilities. Unlike many bands, they consistently meet and even exceed expectations with each new release. It is rare for me to enjoy more than a few songs from the same band, but Undusted has managed to captivate me with their distinct sound.

"The Seventh Race" is a brutal track with an irresistible atmosphere, monstrous riffage, and addictive dynamics throughout. Undoubtedly, Meshuggah has influenced the band, and this song further reinforces that connection. However, as long as the music exhibits the right balance and harmony, such influences do not hinder my appreciation. Undusted has once again demonstrated their meticulous attention to detail, delivering a monstrous and awe-inspiring sound. It is a gift to the world of metal.

Technically, "The Seventh Race" sets a high standard in every aspect. While I can hear additional electronic elements in the song, they blend seamlessly and do not detract from the overall experience. Undusted maintains a superb balance in their mixing, allowing their distinct character to shine through. It is worth noting that I do not consider Undusted a typical metalcore band. They operate on a different level, exhibiting a unique musicality that sets them apart. Furthermore, the heavy sections pack a powerful punch, while the slow parts create an enchanting ambiance. Undusted delivers proper metal that leaves a lasting impression.

Taking everything into account, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience listening to Undusted once again. "The Seventh Race" showcases their phenomenal musicality, technical prowess, striking artworks, and captivating music video. Undusted continues to make significant strides with each release, never failing to meet the high standards they have set for themselves. They possess all the necessary qualities to amass a dedicated fan base that will follow them relentlessly. Success is within their reach; it's merely a matter of time and effort.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Undusted for their outstanding work on "The Seventh Race" and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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