Undusted - Method to Madness - Song Review - Modern Deathcore from Latvia

Undusted - Method to Madness - Song Review - Modern Deathcore from Latvia
Undusted - Method to Madness - Song Review - Modern Deathcore from Latvia

Today, we are excited to feature Undusted, a promising modern progressive/deathcore/death metal band hailing from Latvia. Their latest song, 'Method to Madness,' showcases their exceptional potential and comes off their recently released EP of the same title, which dropped in 2019.

UNDUSTED - Method To Madness (Official Audio)

Undusted has caught my attention since my discovery of them through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their EP, 'Method to Madness,' stands out as one of the best-sounding albums in this specific genre. I urge you to give it a listen as you delve into this review.

'Method to Madness' is a powerhouse of a song, demonstrating the band's creative ideas, technical abilities, and extensive experience. Its structure defies convention, reminding me at times of revered bands like Meshuggah and Periphery. Undusted shares commonalities with these bands, particularly in the vocalist's style, which bears a notable Tomas Haake influence. I often touch upon the fine line between influence and imitation in songwriting, and here, Undusted treads that line. Personally, I don't mind as long as the music is exceptional, but it's important to acknowledge the potential concerns arising from having a similar guitar mix, instrumentation, sound, energy, vibe, and vocal style. Some listeners may perceive it as excessive familiarity.

Undusted, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

As a music enthusiast, I always strive to view things positively, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this track. It hits with the force of a fist and resonates like a war machine. The intricate structure defies simplicity, and the energy is consistently astounding, maintaining its momentum until the end.

Furthermore, 'Method to Madness' boasts top-class technical standards. Every element is executed with clarity, naturalness, and impeccable engineering, balancing, polishing, mixing, mastering, and overall harmony. I commend Undusted for their meticulous attention to detail and their exceptional work.

I cannot ascertain whether Undusted worked with a professional producer or handled the technical aspects themselves, but the result is undeniably phenomenal. If you ask me, I would encourage them to infuse more of their unique character into their sound. As I mentioned earlier, distancing themselves from their influences would be a wise move for their future careers. It's crucial for them to establish their own distinct identity, as no band wants to be known as a copycat. As reviewers, bloggers, scouts, and labels, we are always on the lookout for potential in emerging artists. Undusted shows tremendous potential, but guidance will be necessary for them to achieve the recognition they truly deserve in the long run.

Undusted, band photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, we, the Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Undusted on their remarkable achievement with 'Method to Madness' and extend our best wishes for their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Undusted, Method to Madness (2019) EP front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown



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