The Moon Runners - Wakeless 2095 - Album Review - Alternative Math Rock from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Moon Runners - Wakeless 2095 - Album Review - Alternative Math Rock from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Moon Runners - Wakeless 2095 - Album Review - Alternative Math Rock from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring The Moon Runners, an exciting math/progressive rock band hailing from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. Their powerful latest release, 'Wakeless 2095,' captures the essence of their character, style, and boundless potential.

The Moon Runners (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO). danceboy.exe is a single from our upcoming album "Wakeless 2095" this video was produced by The Moon Runnersrecorded in Regina, Saskatchewan at RMS-Labs with Rob Morrison

The Moon Runners caught my attention when I discovered their album, 'Wakeless 2095,' through Metalhead Community Submissions. Released in 2019, this album showcases the band's unique and authentic musical ideas, along with their impressive musicianship. Being true to oneself is a recurring theme in my articles, and The Moon Runners embody this concept flawlessly. Their compositions exude originality and demonstrate a remarkable level of creativity. The band has presented us with a monstrous 14-song album this year, and all we need to do is embrace the brilliance of their music and support them through their social media channels.

Upon closer examination of their compositions, one cannot help but be captivated by the sheer magic they possess. The Moon Runners have crafted their songs with an array of diverse ideas, passages, and chord progressions. This level of musicianship and complexity sets them apart and leaves a lasting impact. Their creative prowess surpasses even that of established acts like Behemoth, serving as a testament to The Moon Runners' brilliance. By forging their own path and offering progressive and complex structures, they have truly earned our respect.

Technically, 'Wakeless 2095' boasts above-average production standards, although it falls just short of the 'top class' distinction. Nonetheless, the album carries a distinct touch and vibe that perfectly aligns with the band's musical style. The producer deserves recognition for delivering a wonderfully balanced and harmonious sound. The overall result is delightfully gritty, yet clear and natural. In summary, this is a highly successful body of work. Taking all these aspects into account, we are truly impressed by the talents displayed by The Moon Runners. 'Wakeless 2095' is an album that will resonate for a lifetime, leaving an indelible mark on the band and their families. It is clear they are on the right path, and we eagerly anticipate the day they grace our hometown with their live performance.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its heartfelt congratulations to The Moon Runners for their exceptional work on 'Wakeless 2095.' We wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

The Moon Runners, Wakeless 2095 (2019), album front cover artwork. Art credit: Unknown


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