The Lightness of Being – Can’t Keep Song Review and Band Interview

Today we are featuring another promising progressive rock band, THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING, from the UK. We have reviewed their latest release, CAN’T KEEP, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

The Lightness of Being is a promising traditional/progressive/hard rock band I discovered about a year ago with their powerful song, Last Dance. Now, they are back with another single release, Can’t Stay, which was released not long ago in 2020. The band is actively making music since 2014. They have started their careers with an EP album,  Directions (2014), took some time off, continued with another EP, Diversions (2018), and released five more singles, Stay (2019), Last Dance (2019), Sleight of Hand (2019), Red Summer (2020), and Can’t Keep (2020). Now, please give it a listen while reading the rest of the article.

The Lightness of Being is a powerful quartet, making music only for respect without having any expectations in return, which is admirable. You can easily feel the maturity in everything that belongs to The Lightness of Being, such as their band image, pictures, lyrics, career, and music. You might disagree with me in this, but they remind me of Tool with their musical ideas most of the time. I personally listened to many of their songs over the last year and always had positive things about them in my mind. For instance, I love the way they show their progressive side in their music. Almost all of their songs have a live performance vibe, which creates a delightful vibe for people like me who grew up listening to records and watching MTV.

As we all know, we live in an era where there’s a big gap; in other words, a disconnection between generations. I don’t consider myself as an old generation or something, yet we have the values that we still owe to teach and explain to the new generations, especially about music. Can’t Keep is an easy-going song with powerful dynamics and energy level. The band has decided to keep everything as simple as possible while focusing more on the overall energy and groove. The legendary Motorhead used to do this and conquered the world with their way of making music back in time. Yes, The Lightness of Being has stuff in common with Motorhead in this, as well as many other traditional rockers. However, I don’t think they follow anybody’s path or copying anyone’s style while doing it, which is admirable. I asked them about their influences on the interview below, and the diversity of them (top 5 albums influenced The Lightness of Being’s music) made me happy, to be honest. To be clearer with you, I believe in the collective energy, and The Lightness of Being is a perfect example of it. Sometimes that’s all, and that’s more than enough. In this matter, The Lightness of Being is a band that I have been following for some time. I learned some stuff from them through this time, and I am grateful for that. They periodically release new songs, never letting themselves down about anything else, doing what they love doing in life while having other commitments just like I do. And most importantly, they don’t let anyone or anything affect their pure excitement for making music.


Technically, Can’t Stay has above average standards. I am just honest about everything. Our modern world provides us many possibilities, and people are recording incredible stuff even from their homes. In this case, Can’t Stay has more like the old-school approach on its technical side. I like it, and I listen to music like this. In my book, it is all about channeling the right energy through the ears of the listener and Can’t Keep does that perfectly. I must also add that; this song would definitely make a better impact with better sound quality.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I have had a great time listening to another song by The Lightness of Being. I have always been positive about them from the beginning, and they never proved me wrong even though their music still doesn’t represent their true potentials. In the end, I am happy to see they are doing well in these crazy times, still rocking, making releases, and waiting for the right time to play live again! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WHO LOVE OLD SCHOOL PROGRESSIVE ROCK MUSIC!

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The Lightness of Being – Can’t Keep Song Review and Band Interview | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine

In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING for their great job in CAN’T KEEP and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING.


Exclusive Band Interview

The Lightness of Being – Can’t Keep Song Review and Band Interview | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine

Q1- Can’t Keep is the 8th release of The Lightness of Being since the band’s first release in 2014. How does it feel, still being able to sustain your musical careers after six years? How do you guys keep it together? What’s your secret?

We‘ve put out EPs and singles which likely flatters the number of releases! Most importantly though, we’re four individuals who just want to make decent rock songs and are grateful we get the change to do that with likeminded people in The Lightness of Being.

Q2- How was the recording process? Where did you record the album? What were the most challenging factors?

For our last 3 or so releases we’ve taken the same approach for recording, where we’ve tracked the drums and main guitar parts at recording studio here in London. Everything else is recorded at our home studio, as gives us more flexibility, reduces the cost and hopefully we’ll learn how to improve over time. Drums are the only part we can’t record ourselves, but also we like to record guitars and drums together for more of a “live” feel. Hopefully that comes across, but at the very least it’s more fun. Keeping a sense of energy when some of the parts are recorded separately is probably the biggest challenge.

Q3- What can you tell us about the band’s latest release, CAN’T KEEP? What is the story?

“Can’t keep” is the last of a series of 3 singles we’ve released over the past few months. It’s got a post-punk driving guitar riff which started as the basis of the song, but after a conventional verse-chorus there’s an extended breakdown. Really the idea here was to write an energetic (but not frantic) song with a strong groove you can dance to. Some of our recent song structures are more complex, but here we wanted simplicity… to cruise at a similar speed and vibe throughout.

Q4- How is the feedback so far?

So far we’ve been very happily surprised! Our tracks don’t necessarily feel “polished”, but people who enjoy this kind of music have given us some very kind feedback. Also, what’s been great is that it’s increased the interest in and audience for our other previous releases, all of which are on Spotify.

Q5- The Lightness of Being is releasing only singles since the last EP album, Diversions, in 2018. Can you tell us why? Is it because of the global trends, or there’s a strategy behind?

Good question. As long as we feel the quality is there then releasing singles seems to fit with how we can best get them on playlists and blogs etc. But really we’re just experimenting and we like to put out new song! That said, we will do further EPs if that’s what feels right for that set of songs.

The Lightness of Being – Can’t Keep Song Review and Band Interview | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine

Q6- Should we expect a long-play album release in the future?

We’d love to do an album, and if we were a signed band doing this full-time no doubt we would have a go. We’d lock ourselves in a recording studio deep in a Scandinavian forest and see what happens. But the reality is we’re 4 individuals with other commitments, and given limited time we’d likely only be able to release something new every 3 years if we did albums.

Q7- What The Lightness of Being was planning to achieve with the release of Can’t Keep? Do you consider it a success? And what is your next checkpoint as a band?

Our main aim, honestly, is to write and record songs we enjoy playing. One thing we’ve not mentioned so far is playing live. We’ve always played shows here London and want any new song to work at volume and in person. Because of the current shutdown of venues in the UK we haven’t yet played any of our recent new releases live, which is unusual. Just wait until the beast is allowed out of the cage! It’ll get messier than an Joe Exotic afterparty.

Q8- When you look at “Directions” (2014) and “Can’t Keep” (2020), what differences you see musically?

“Directions” is quite a mix in terms of genres. The song we love and still play live is “Wasteland”, which is a prog-rock track with a slower atmospheric build, crushing middle section and an outro which mirrors the opening parts. However, likely we wouldn’t come out with this song now! Overall, we’ve shifted towards heavier music, and “Can’t Keep is an example of that. “Stay” from 2018 is likely the heaviest we’ve strayed, with even some Meshuggah influence.

Q9- Can we say “Can’t Keep” represents the Ultimate The Lightness of Being style? What can you tell us about the band’s musical direction?

We’re sometimes told our songs vary in terms of sub-genre. That’s probably true and it brings both positives and negatives. On the positive side we don’t know how the next single or EP will best be labelled, which keeps it interesting. But hopefully people can still tell it’s us. We’re talking about doing more of a stronger-rock recording next, and have a bunch of ideas in the lockdown sketchbook. Much depends on what we’ve been listening to. Recently it’s been a lot of Dope Smoker, Kurt Vile and Monolord so it’s unclear where that’s going to end up!

Q10 – What can you tell us about the band’s short- and long-term plans for the future?

We simply hope to keep writing an recording new material and put new stuff out every 6 months or so. We’ve never had a long-term plan, but at the same time it’s feels likely that The Lightness of Being will still be making music five years down the line (if the world still exists.)

The Lightness of Being – Can’t Keep Song Review and Band Interview | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine

Q11- What makes a band “Great” in your opinions?

An original sound, good (not necessarily virtuoso) musicianship and well-crafted songs with an authentic vibe. There’s also a need for some kind of natural charisma, the essence of which is often hard to pin down.

Q12- Top 5 albums that influenced The Lightness of Being’s music?

The 4 of us will give 4 different answers. But in the spirit of 2020 then putting democracy aside, let’s say: In Utero – Nirvana, White Pony – Deftones, The Violent Sleep of Reason – Meshuggah, Relationship of Command – At the Drive In and Anticult – Decapitated.

Q13 – Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers?

Thanks so much for your interest and we hope to play live somewhere near wherever you are if we’re ever allowed to lay our fuzz pedals on stage again!

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