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Today we are featuring another promising progressive death metal band; The Holy Hater, from Mexico. We have reviewed their debut album; The Sinner, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

The Holy Hater is another promising progressive death metal band I have discovered about a month ago. These young gentlemen came together, combined their influences and recorded their first official release; The Sinner, with only 4 songs in their recording studio, and started their professional musical careers not long ago in 2019. I have listened to the full album a few times on repeat before writing my review here. Briefly, there are some positive and negative things to say about The Sinner. I also recommend you to check it out on Spotify or Youtube while reading the rest of the article.

As you might remember from my previous articles, we, people who work in the music industry are mostly looking for potential and authenticity rather than technical standards and musicality from up and coming bands. The Sinner album is a good mix of many different styles and influences. When you look at the songs, the approach, structures, styles, feeling, atmosphere, vibes, instrumentation, vocal style, and ideas, the only thing you can hear that the band is quite new to this job. One of their songs will make you think that they are one of the most promising death metal band on the planet with their pure death metal elements, structures, growling/brutal vocals and tense atmosphere where other songs are not professionally handled enough, more loose, weak, melodic, atmospheric, symphonic and with a female vocalist. They have basically used every piece of material they have had all this time and turned them all into songs. You know that I always have huge respect for musicians’ hard work. I know how challenging these things can be and only seeing young people are trying hard is enough for me to respect their efforts. In this case, I won’t judge them for their decisions or say that this is a bad idea. Only, mixing all these different ideas has caused a little bit of confusion. The general musicality, sound, and texture lack of character. You might like one The Holy Hater song so much, but it’s hard to say which style of which song is going to be their actual sound and style in the future, for instance.

After listening to The Sinner a few times, I can say that the band is showing potential with their variety of styles, progressive ideas and a non-standard approach to writing compositions. When you listen to the album carefully you’ll also hear that none of their songs are easy, simple nor standard. On the contrary, there are some sections you can be confused about whether you are listening to the debut album of a brand new band or a well-known band such as Cannibal Corpse. It seems like they have two different forms here, like two different bands with two different styles, influences, recordings, mixing and masterings. There’s a galaxy between this big gap, separate like day and night.

The Holy Hater with melodic elements and female vocals lacks some professional guidance, in my opinion. They surely have some creative and meaningful ideas in the making. And I believe working with an experienced producer who can guide and walk them through on each step could make a huge difference. More specifically, I am talking about the second song; Wolf in Mourn and the third; Rest in Pieces.
The other The Holy Hater with pure death metal style is incredibly powerful. This is like the Ultimate The Holy Hater sound and style in my opinion. You can easily hear the overflowing energy once you listen to the last song of the album; Feed the Flames, which I believe the far best song of this album. Only this very song alone is much more powerful, professionally handled and promising than the rest of the album alone. Hands down. They have very close standards with other exceptional death metal bands out there.


The two different characters in The Holy Hater’s sound also repeats on the technical side of the job as well. The melodic part with the female vocals of the band sounds below average which caused big damage to its overall impact and potential. The songs sound poorly handled, serious issues with the click, structure, connections, and sound balancing in general. These songs need urgent attention. I think they have to be remixed and remastered by someone professional, then you’ll understand the difference. On the other hand, the death metal king, the other side of the band has exceptional technical standards. This difference is quite surprising, to be honest with you guys. It is hard to believe that these two different works are done by the same band. Technically, Feed the Flames has top-class standards as well as its musicianship, potential, technical skills and so on. This song is truly epic.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I am very positive about The Holy Hater. The Sinner is just their debut album where they show great potential in many different aspects and forms. Just like I have mentioned above, they have some strong and weak sides. I believe that working on their weak sides, keeping it tight, and finding a professional producer who can understand their music will easily take this band to the next level in their careers!

Feed the Flames and It is Alive have earned their places in our Top Metal Songs Playlist on Spotify! Please go ahead and check out the exclusive band interview and The Holy Hater’s links below if you’d like to find out more about the band, follow them on social media and subscribe to their channels to show your support and also not to miss any upcoming releases.

The Holy Hater – The Sinner Album Review | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine

In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate The Holy Hater for their promising job; The Sinner, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

The Holy Hater – The Sinner Album Review | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine

Q1 – Hi guys! Congratulations for your debut release “The Sinner”! How is the feedback so far?

We gotta say that we didn’t expect this reaction by the people, our Ep was released on November 1st and now we’ve got more than 40,000 streams on Spotify. We’re very glad and grateful to all the metalheads out there.

Q2- How was the recording process? Where did you record the album? What were the most challenging factors?

Well… this part I think was the most difficult, because we were recording in Fernando’s studio (the guitarist) and he used to have just one old computer and an audio interface. All the process was great because we were in the same studio having fun and creating music together. It was hard because of the gear.

Q3 – What is the best thing about writing a new song? or releasing a new album?

The best thing is that we can communicate something with the world! We can share and express our personal ideas, we think that is the best part of being musician, sharing your thoughts and the way you see life itself

Q4 – What can you say us about The Sinner EP? How would you describe the music style here? What makes it special? And what The Holy Hater has achieved with it?

The sinner is a complete job of six months, we really wanted to make the metalheads feel what’s the metal, we wanted to tell the world that there are bands out there that still making music just because they love music, not just for the money.

If we talk about a specific genre Would be kind of complicated because we try to mix different styles such as Celtic music, basting drums, very raw guitars, as well as clean vocals and pretty smooth melodies.

All the content that is in the sinner is a compilation of different topics such as social problems and especially… protests against the aberration made by all the religions all over the world

Q5 – Could you say this is the Ultimate The Holy Hater style? What can you tell us about the musical direction of The Holy Hater?

Right now people have categorized us as a death/black melodic metal but we gotta say that in the future we plan to add new sounds and experiment with all the sounds that we can find, obviously all in an extreme way! We didn’t want to stop working with extreme music.

Q6 – What makes a music band “Great”, in your opinions?

The sincerity of how the integrants of the band compose their songs and especially in how they love the art that they are doing! Because that is what metal and art in general needs! People who love what they do! No matter if there’s no money received.

Q7 – Top 5 albums which influenced The Holy Hater’s music?

– Ghost Reveries by Opeth
– Doomsday Machine by Arch Enemy
– Twilight of the Thunder God by Amon Amarth
– Kill by Cannibal Corpse
– Death Cult Armageddon by Dimmu Borgir

Q8 – Which bands you’d like to play live or tour with?

We would like to play along with the guys from behemoth because we admire the career that Nergal has built with that incredible band.

Q9 – Tell us about The Holy Hater’s future plans.

Right now we’re rehearsing a lot and we’re acquiring new stuff for our studio so we can provide the people with better music quality. We’re thinking about release a new EP in the future but is a little uncertain, because we really gotta see how people have enjoyed this EP and how much they want to listen to our music and if they’re interested in watching a live performance.
But one thing is for certain we will continue doing music for us! To enjoy our experiences and capture them in a brutal anthem of screams and passion. So if you’re looking for some authentic and passionate metal you know we’re we are

Q10 – Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers?

I’d like to thanks everyone who has invested his or her time to listen to our material as well as the ones who read all of this. We’re working very freaking hard to make something very honest and brutal, something that in these times is complicated to find! So stay tuned and follow us on all our social platforms! We wait for you there to become a Holy Hater ! See ya!

The Holy Hater – The Sinner Album Review | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine
The Holy Hater – The Sinner Album Review | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine
The Holy Hater – The Sinner Album Review | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine
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