The Fires Below - Too Far to Reach - Song Review - Sludge Rock from London, England

The Fires Below - Too Far to Reach - Song Review - Sludge Rock from London, England
The Fires Below - Too Far to Reach - Song Review - Sludge Rock from London, England - Metalhead Community Magazine.

March 25th, Monday evening, with almost no difference from yesterday, the day before, and before that. In the midst of my spine-chilling surreal journey forward in the North, "Too Far to Reach" accompanied me the whole day today through my earpods, by a talented collective, The Fires Below, hailing from London, England.

The Fires Below official music video for ’Too Far to Reach’. Video Producer/Director: David Smith. Music Producer: Michael MyKey Kew. Song Recorded at Rogues Recording Studios. PR: SanPR

Listening to "Too Far to Reach" doesn't really have anything in common with the nature of the underground scene, and yet, here we are, being blessed by these Englishmen offering their only sixth official release since 2022, with five of them being only singles, and one being an EP. Exploring projects like these reveals an insight that the world doesn't seem to care, bands don't seem to know, most of the time. Nevertheless, I am once again convinced by the power of analog recording, craftsmanship of a producer, and a talented collective of individuals meeting altogether.

First of all, as mentioned above, "Too Far to Reach" stands out and deserves appreciation for its irresistible sound standards that simply qualify the song as one of the best-sounding rock soundscapes I have recently experienced, immediately earning its place in our "New Rock Chronicles: Beyond the Mainstream" playlist on Spotify. After listening to it on different mediums, days, moods, and climates during the week, it still sounds as fresh as my first time and will continue forever due to its timeless qualities in the sound.

Moreover, The Fires Below deserve all the appreciation for their approach and interpretation of heavy, grunge, stoner, and sludge rock influences in their concept showcased in this song. Their musical foundations were one of the main reasons why it captivated my interest right from the beginning, together with its sound character, evoked memories of vintage Mastodon records that greatly influenced me at the time, opened another perspective in my understanding. While The Fires Below doesn't necessarily explore progressive territories in their musical language in this song, agreeing with all their decisions in terms of both musicality and production-wise as well as the song structure, balancing, toning, characterization, while providing all the necessary attitude, energy, and climate brought us together by the mysterious hand of God, and now we have more than a mutual understanding. Being highly satisfied and convinced of "Too Far to Reach's" brief storytelling, the collective earned my utmost respect by the possibility, along with their ability to explore a wider range of musical languages in the future.

The Fires Below, band photo. Credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I have no weaknesses to mention whatsoever. As I said earlier, the song delivers the message flawlessly while leaving an urge to hear more.

The Fires Below, band photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, discovering The Fires Below at this early stage in their career has been a revelation. Industry-leading production standards incorporate analog sounds and timeless qualities of a visionary, hot-prospect who embraces heavy, grunge, and sludge rock elements reminiscent of early Mastodon, yet with unique simplicity. Thank you for reading.

The Fires Below - Too Far to Reach, single front cover artwork. Art credit: Unknown.

The Fires Below members:

Smithy (Vocals, Guitar)
Si (Bass), Del (Drums)
Sam (Guitar).

Recorded in Rogue Studios, UK.
Released March 15, 2024.

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The Fires Below
The Fires Below, Londen. 221 vind-ik-leuks · 34 personen praten hierover. The Fires Below are an explosive heavy rock band emerging from the darkest depths of London.
Too Far to Reach, by The Fires Below
track by The Fires Below

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