The Erkonauts - War Flamingoes - Song Review - Alternative Punk Rock / Progressive Metal from Geneva, Switzerland

The Erkonauts - War Flamingoes - Song Review - Alternative Punk Rock / Progressive Metal from Geneva, Switzerland
The Erkonauts - War Flamingoes - Song Review - Alternative Punk Rock / Progressive Metal from Geneva, Switzerland

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring The Erkonauts, a promising alternative punk rock / progressive metal band hailing from Geneva, Switzerland. In this review, we will explore their irresistible song, "War Flamingoes," delving into its character, style, story, potential, and more.

I recently discovered The Erkonauts through Submithub submissions, and their amazing song, "War Flamingoes," released as a single in 2020, immediately caught my attention. For those unfamiliar with the band, The Erkonauts began their musical journey in 2014. Their first demo, released in the same year, sold 1000 copies and received critical acclaim, including the notable recognition of "Demo of the Month" in Rock Hard Germany #331. Shortly after, the band embarked on a global tour, captivating audiences in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Russia, while sharing stages with notable acts such as Philm, Prong, Cradle of Filth, and Samael. Their discography includes the full-length albums "I Did Something Bad" (2017) and the surprisingly released "I Shall Forgive" (2017), followed by two singles, "War Flamingoes" (2020) and "Five Orange Seeds" (2020). As you continue reading, I encourage you to experience the song, allowing its compelling melodies and energetic soundscapes to immerse you.

The Erkonauts are an impressive band, evident from their rich backgrounds and discography. Notably, the decision to release full-length albums in the same year is a rarity in the music industry. While the motivation behind this choice remains unknown, it is undeniably an admirable endeavor. Personally, I discovered The Erkonauts through "War Flamingoes" alone, and after listening to the song's first minute, I knew they deserved a feature on Metalhead Community.

Defining their musical style proves challenging as The Erkonauts masterfully incorporate various genres into a cohesive and satisfying form. I can discern influences from iconic bands such as Slayer and Gojira within their music. Their songs possess the power, drive, and tension characteristic of traditional metal, skillfully woven into a contemporary progressive metal framework. "War Flamingoes" stands out as an exceptional track that immediately immerses the listener in its world. The song's dynamics are exceptional, taking the listener on a captivating journey that leaves them breathless until the end. The tension and galloping energy showcased in this example are particularly commendable. Maintaining the flame of excitement from start to finish is a challenging feat, and The Erkonauts have accomplished it with professionalism and excellence on "War Flamingoes."

The band exhibits tremendous potential through their diverse influences, musical fusion, proficient instrumentation, compositional skills, and deep understanding of music. Drawing from the best elements of Slayer and Gojira, they have created their unique sonic identity. The depth, power, attitude, atmosphere, aggression, and speed that define these bands are unmistakably present in The Erkonauts' music. These qualities position them favorably for significant impact within the early stages of their musical career.

In conclusion, The Erkonauts have left an indelible impression with their remarkable work on "War Flamingoes." Their music embodies everything I love about metal, amalgamating diverse influences into a cohesive and captivating sound. While they have already established a solid foundation, it is clear that their potential for growth and prominence in the international metal scene is vast. The Metalhead Community Team congratulates The Erkonauts for their exceptional achievements and extends our best wishes for their future endeavors.

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