The Dead Corps - All Ears - Album Review - Modern Metal from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Dead Corps - All Ears - Album Review - Modern Metal from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Today we are featuring a promising modern metal band, The Dead Corps, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with, "All Ears", the debut album of the band.

The Dead Corps is a solo project of a Canadian songwriter and guitar player, Greg Seberras, who is accompanied by session musicians Serouj Guidanian (Session musician from California, USA) – Vocals, co-songwriter, Adam Ward (Session musician from the UK) – Lead guitar, Eddie Lucciola (from Welland, Ontario, Canada) – Producer, drums, bass. Their debut album "All Ears" was released on 17 December 2021.

To begin with, the general mood of the All Ears album, reminded me of Hellyeah, Slipknot, and Pantera, even though they don't huge similarities between them. One of the main qualities of this album is its groove, which flows all the way to the end mainly with powerful old-school low-tuned guitar riffs and badass vocals.

The next thing that caught my attention here was the performance of each personnel. I am quite impressed by their creativity in their own fields, except the bass. The guitar player, Greg Seberras, is the main songwriter here where we can understand that all these songs were originally written as guitar parts. In this case, Greg has fantastic old-school riffages all over the place, and the amount of material he had delivered him an incredible number of songs, 16! That's both admirable and incredible, but, I would have done it differently. 16 songs give you the chance of making 2-3 studio album releases, which is a big deal when it comes to maintaining an actively working band career. Of course, these opinions belong to the business side of things, let me get into this a little bit later on.

Another great potential here is Serouj Guidanian, the vocalist and co-writer in this album. I can understand that his contribution has huge credit on this outcome, a hell of an experience similar to singing the Exodus' latest album. He has all the 90s metal heroes in his vocals, yet hadn't missed the chance to add and develop new skills to his inventory, such as the death metal growl. A large amount of personality in his vocals is coming from Phil Anselmo, others names among his influencers are Jens Kidman, James Hetfield, Corey Taylor, and Serj Tankian.

The drummer has an important role in this music style in general. Eddie Lucciola, who is also the producer at the same time, has done something better than what I expected of him. Briefly, creative and good technical drummer. I enjoyed listening to his drumming, reminded me of some of my favorite drummers such as Mario Duplantier and Dave Lombardo.

All Ears musically is a headbanger album, The Dead Corps' progressive machine never stops marching all along the way without a break. This is impressive, I admit that. The feeling that I've had when I first checked the album on Spotify was "too long", for some reason. I grew up listening to music with walkmans and discmans, so I love the taste of the entire album, the memory it leaves inside my head. In my opinion, the long-play albums these days shouldn't be more than 8 or 9 songs, nobody's got that free time to sit down and listen to 16 songs and understand what the artist/band wants to say. Secondly, 16 songs which could have saved 5 long years in The Dead Corps' career, would give them a chance to prepare for their next big move. You simply can't win everything with one album, a band has to show consistency, making moves and releases periodically.

Lastly, I've got a Metallica - Load / Reload / St.Anger feeling after listening to the entire album. I know every single song, so many stories from those times. In The Dead Corps' case, this plays a role in that songs sonically have so much in common. I am well aware that this album was written and formed in a period, where it has so much input.

Greg Seberras Press Photo

The technical part of All Ears album has the necessary industry standards in its recording and mix as a fact. The album sounds great with its blend, guitars, energy, dynamics, balancing, personal mixes of each instrument. I can agree with the fact that it wouldn't get any better than this in terms of the technical side of things. However, I am not convinced with the sound personality of the album. It sounded too modern and commercial for my taste.

On the other hand, everybody's making the music that they want to hear. I believe, the personality in The Dead Corps' music will play a key role in the future of their careers. They already have many qualities that we love about metal music, energy, dynamics, nostalgia, attitude... and All Ears is a good example of their capabilities, which I am positive about without hesitation.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to The Dead Corps. Talented and creative guys with the necessary passion for metal, and their first album "All Ears" album simply proves that.

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Greg Seberras Press Photo with Schecter Guitars

In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates The Dead Corps for their debut album "All Ears", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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