Tear Keeper - Ghoul - Song Review - Vintage Alternative Progressive Rock from Westminster, Maryland, USA

Tear Keeper - Ghoul - Song Review - Vintage Alternative Progressive Rock from Westminster, Maryland, USA

Today I am writing about a promising vintage alternative progressive rock band; Tear Keeper, from Westminster, Maryland, USA, with, Ghoul, the debut single of the band released in 2022.


The band presents the first page from the book of the faceless creator. Animation and Music by T.K. Produced by T.K. and Diego Fernandez Mixing/Mastering by Diego @ Oracle Studios Saturnine Publishing

Tear Keeper is a new mysterious alternative rock project I discovered about a few months back with their debut single, Ghoul, a song with enough character introduces this band properly.

The easy listening approach to Ghoul was one of the things that caught my attention, as its structure was simpler than we usually expect from progressive rock. Repeating the main progression two times was enough for the band to fit their message while making the actual impression with their musical foundation, showing potential with the collective personality in their work.

Ghoul, musically has vintage prog-rock, alternative, stoner, and post-rock influences as well as the sound design, work perfectly and mean something special when they come together.

Thee musical foundation of the band deserves appreciation for its distinguishing characteristics, specifically the vocals. The double layered, dark, vintage, dramatic, mysterious, and melodic vocal style of Tear Keeper, specifically in Ghoul, adds recognizability value to their music, can become the main factor that gets this band to the next level in their future careers.

On the other side of the coin, I am afraid Tear Keeper didn't seem to have enough quality and vision in their art direction, unlike their music.

No matter what, I have to admit that I had a good time listening to Ghoul by Tear Keeper. Characteristic layered vocals escorted by established 80s vintage prog-rock sound, carrying influences of alternative, stoner, and post-rock in its musical origins. Thanks for reading.


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