Tacono Gate - In Someone Else's Hands - Song Review - Alternative Shoegaze Rock from Brooklyn, New York, USA

Tacono Gate - In Someone Else's Hands - Song Review - Alternative Shoegaze Rock from Brooklyn, New York, USA
Tacono Gate - In Someone Else's Hands - Song Review - Alternative Shoegaze Rock from Brooklyn, New York, USA

Today, we are delighted to feature Tacono Gate, a promising alternative rock band hailing from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Their super moody song, 'In Someone Else's Hands,' demands your attention.

In Someone Else's Hands (Official Audio)

Tacono Gate is an intriguing moody/atmospheric alternative rock band that captured my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their debut EP release, '3-1 Demo,' from 2019, showcases their musical prowess and sets the stage for their professional career. It's truly inspiring to witness the multitude of individuals creating music with diverse vibes and emotions. Tacono Gate has made an impactful entrance into the music scene, and I believe they have the potential to carve out a unique place within their own niche.

'In Someone Else's Hands' is a poignant and intelligently structured composition that delves into depressive and super moody ideas. The song opens with an atmospheric intro that inexplicably evokes an image of an elderly person living in isolation, surrounded by cluttered belongings (perhaps influenced by their album artwork). This imagery is reminiscent of a music video released by Porcupine Tree from their latest album, which exudes a similar vibe. The song successfully channels this feeling to the listener, representing the essence of music: evoking emotions. While each listener may envision their own version of the story, they will undoubtedly recognize the intense energy emanating from the music. Throughout the composition, the mood fluctuates, mirroring the uncertainties of life. Tacono Gate's decision to keep the composition simple and emphasize the feeling is commendable. Great job.

Technically, I was impressed by the sound quality of 'In Someone Else's Hands.' The recording, handling, engineering, balancing, polishing, mixing, and overall harmony are all excellent. Whether they achieved this on their own or collaborated with a professional (which I will address shortly), the outcome is highly satisfying.

However, since my first listen to this song, I have harbored a sense of caution regarding Tacono Gate. Let me clarify that there is nothing inherently wrong with the band or their music. Yet, when artists and bands neglect to attend to their branding, it becomes challenging for listeners to forge a strong connection. Branding plays a crucial role in achieving success. In this regard, Tacono Gate has chosen to maintain an air of mystery by abstaining from sharing any photographs of themselves, which is understandable. However, almost all of the band's visuals, including logos, fonts on artwork, and album covers, fall short of acceptable professional standards. These visuals fail to convey the right message or leave a positive impression, and this is the sole negative aspect I can identify with Tacono Gate.

Taking all these factors into account, I am genuinely impressed by the moody sound of Tacono Gate. They possess undeniable talent in their genre. If they can handle the branding of Tacono Gate professionally and elevate their standards in every aspect, I see no obstacles hindering their path to becoming a significant band within their genre.

I encourage you to explore the links below to learn more about the band, follow them on social media, and subscribe to their channels to show your support and stay updated on their upcoming releases.

In conclusion, we, the Metalhead Community Team, extend our heartfelt congratulations to Tacono Gate for their remarkable achievement with 'In Someone Else's Hands.' We wish them continued success and growth in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Tacono Gate, 3-1 Demo (2019) EP front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown