Spirits of Leo - Gossamer Blue – Album Review – Retro Alternative Shoegaze Rock from New York, USA

Spirits of Leo - Gossamer Blue – Album Review – Retro Alternative Shoegaze Rock from New York, USA

Today, I am reviewing “Gossamer Blue,” the studio album by Spirits of Leo, a moody alternative shoegaze rock band from New York, USA. The album was released on August 12, 2022.

Spirits of Leo "Gossamer" (Official Audio)

I have been following Spirits of Leo for over a year now and recognize them every time I come across one of their songs in our Alternative & Shoegaze Essentials playlist. After discovering this album with two songs, Asylum and Gossamer, I decided to cover the full album.

First of all, I have to admit that the music stands out with its unique concept, which makes so much difference in the end. You simply enjoy “the Spirits of Leo vibe” and want to hear more of it, and that’s what the Gossamer Blue album is all about.

The musical foundation of Spirits of Leo is reminiscent of the legendary band, The Cure, with their bright and chorusy tones, accompanied by a heavy shoegaze sound character, easy-listening form, and theatrical blend of alternative rock inspirations. With all the familiarity with some retro bands from the 80s and the 90s, I think they show real potential with the recognizability value of their creation.

Lastly, I enjoyed the entire album without question. It played on repeat while I was doing my daily creative work for a few days now, and as I said earlier, you enjoy this vibe and simply want to consume more of it. The band has convinced me of their musical input, which has its own alternative rock language, the vision in their concept work, and the hallucinating energy in their music. It sets the mood for me when driving alone somewhere here in Switzerland.

Spirits of Leo, band photoCredit: Unknown

However, I still believe that the sound production of Gossamer Blue still has so much room to improve. The band has enough character and personality, and I believe it will only get better from now on.

Spirits of Leo, band photoCredit: Unknown

In conclusion, my discovery of Spirits of Leo has made it to my personal favorites in our playlists. Hallucinating shoegaze character with moody, theatrical, and retro vibes, blending easy-listening alternative rock with The Cure influences, and taking it to the next level. Gossamer Blue is a strongly recommended album. Thanks for reading this review. I hope you enjoyed Gossamer Blue as much as I enjoyed it.

released August 12, 2022

All songs written, produced and performed by Spirits of LeoRyan Santos Phillips - vocals, guitars, bass and synthesizerGioia Sabatinelli - guest vocals on Exire and SolarisAlex Lichtenstein - drums

Spirits of Leo Live is:Ryan Santos Phillips - vocals, guitarAnthony Taboada - backing vocals, guitarNick DiPillo - bass guitarAlex Lichtenstein - drums

Engineered and mixed by Ryan Santos Phillips at Lux Perpetua NYCAssistant engineering by Blaine Bailey and Joni KyynäräinenMastered by Justin Colletti at Joe Lambert Mastering

Album art direction and layout by Coward's WayAlbum art photography by Maria NemmBand photography by Nika de CarloLogo design by Jared Cortland

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