Spencer Elliott - SE3 - Album Review - Acoustic Prog-Rock from West Virginia, USA

Spencer Elliott - SE3 - Album Review - Acoustic Prog-Rock from West Virginia, USA

Today I am writing about an impressive acoustic prog-rock project, Spencer Elliott, from West Virginia, USA, with their latest studio release, SE3.

Silver Maple

Video by Jason Lockart Music Recorded and Mixed by Eddie Ashworth

Spencer Elliott is a unique collective of three advanced musicians who are visionary and professional enough to be considered "greats". Their latest studio album, SE3 is one of the most impressive acoustic progressive rock music I have listened to for a long time with world-class standards in so many ways, deserve all the respect out there without hesitation.

It isn't always possible to imagine how it's going to sound when you combine musical influences together. In Spencer Elliott's case, I simply studied how "easy listening music" and "progressive music" can work together by them, which I will be grateful forever. SE3, briefly, is an easy-listening acoustic progressive rock album accompanied by world-class production, live performing energy, captivating atmosphere, natural sounding instrumentals, modern recording techniques, and fascinating musicianship. The music reminds you of nostalgic things even though there's not much vintageness in its origins, but this time with the gentlemanly character of the collective.

The musical focus is mainly based on the technical but melodic acoustic guitar partitions, accompanied by a fascinating bassist and drummer. The music being played in a large spacy room feeling is one of the strengths of SE3, where it also deserves appreciation for its natural wooden sound.

Progressive music is in the DNA of Spencer Elliott, where you get to hear both in their compositions and instrumentation. The gentlemen have Joe Satriani level of musicianship in my eyes, watching their professional videos and listening to their world-class sound production was simply amazing.

On the other side of the coin, I have got no weaknesses to mention. Objectively, Spencer Elliott's career is being managed by professionals, or by someone really good at it. Everything belonging to the artist's brand looks, feels, and sounds classy and professional, which I appreciated a lot as a listener.

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a great time listening to the SE3 album by Spencer Elliott. Simply fantastic music, Strongly Recommended! Elipsos earned its place in our The Next Big Thing In Rock Playlist on Spotify. Thanks for reading.

Spencer Elliott band:

Spencer Elliott - guitarSean Sydnor – bassChris Hudson - drums Producer(s): Eddie Ashworth and Spencer Elliott


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