Soonago - Evac - Song Review - Cinematic Post-Metal from Bielefeld, Germany

Soonago - Evac - Song Review - Cinematic Post-Metal from Bielefeld, Germany

Today we are featuring a promising instrumental cinematic post-metal band, Soonago, from Bielefeld, Germany, with, "Evac" their mesmerizing new single off from the album, Fathom.

Soonago is simply one of the most impressive metal bands I have discovered recently, earned its place in Metalhead Community's new Strongly Recommended Metal section with their world-class production and rich brand value. Listening to only Evac from their discography was enough for me to follow Soonago on social media, and Spotify, and add to the Monsters of Metal Underground Spotify Playlist.

The song, musically, is a fine combination of cinematic composition, post-metal influences, and movie/game soundtrack ambiance, supported by world-class sound design and production. The entire franchise smells rich, the band makes music in a professional and gentlemanly way, an example of a successful band.

The song stands out with many qualities, but the most crucial factor in its success would be the sound production for me. It was the combination of these different styles, which were handled by an inspiring professional, which plays a key role in this bullet-proof outcome.

Also, it musically has qualities from Gojira's metal sound, Jeremy Soule's Skyrim soundtrack album, and Depeche Mode's artistic value, a specific style that isn't new maybe but this was my first time. The impact of "the depth feeling" in its sound is massive, I turned up the volume to the maximum after only a few seconds. Simply fascinating.

The idea, from the beginning, was an interesting one, but I believe Soonago made a difference with their execution, achieved something better than what they imagined before. Although the sound design is familiar with its finish and commercial beauty, you are too busy to think of something else while listening to where this journey is going to take you. The composition was also rich and progressive, leaving a strong taste in your memory afterwards.

Soonago - Band Photo

It has been a long time since I have seen a perfect example, a project without any weaknesses. In Soonago's case, mostly things are beyond me, but I'd appreciate if their sound moves towards to more personal direction in the future. Every decision they took in the production were on point, you can easily tell by the fascinating result.

Soonago - Band Photo

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I am well impressed by Soonago. They are on their way to becoming one of the most promising metal bands from Germany, deserves international recognition in my eyes. Strongly Recommended Metal by Metalhead Community. Thanks for reading.

Soonago - Evac Single Front Cover Artwork

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