Skintrade - Chosen Ones - Song Review - Hard Rock from Stockholm, Sweden

Skintrade - Chosen Ones - Song Review - Hard Rock from Stockholm, Sweden
Skintrade - Chosen Ones - Song Review - Hard Rock from Stockholm, Sweden

Today, we turn our attention to Skintrade, a promising hard rock band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. In this review, we delve into their exceptional song, "Chosen Ones," exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Skintrade, a traditional/classic hard rock band, captured my attention approximately three months ago with their irresistible song, "Chosen Ones." This powerful track is featured on their latest full-length album, "The Show Must Go On," released in 2020. Surprisingly, Skintrade has been actively releasing music since 1993, a testament to their dedication and passion for their craft. Their extensive discography, which includes albums such as "Skintrade" (1993), "Roach Powder" (1995), "Past and Present" (2012), "Refueled" (2017), and the recent "The Show Must Go On" (2020) with its eight captivating songs, showcases the band's enduring commitment to their music. It is truly admirable to witness a band that has sustained their creative drive for nearly three decades. Please listen to the song while reading the rest of this article.

"Chosen Ones" is an epic classic rock, hard rock song that delivers in every aspect. It stands out in a genre often plagued by repetitive ideas and lacks innovation. Skintrade, however, defies this trend and showcases the character, experience, talent, skills, intelligence, and dynamic energy that make a proper band. They take the music we already love and breathe new life into it.

With its classic hard rock structure, "Chosen Ones" is a delight to listen to. The song's exceptional dynamics and energy flow reflect the band's extensive experience. Skintrade strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and addictive hooks, capturing the essence of what music is all about: energy. "Chosen Ones" possesses the potential to not only please every rock music fan but also compel them to experience the band's electrifying live performances. The song resonated with me personally and immediately brought to mind the remarkable vocal stylings of JORN, further highlighting Skintrade's understanding and mastery of the genre.

From a technical perspective, "Chosen Ones" meets exceptional standards in terms of musicality and production. The song's sound is clean, clear, and natural, expertly balanced and handled to achieve a dynamic and harmonious blend. It is truly one of the best-sounding songs I have encountered in this genre. The individual elements of the composition shine independently while seamlessly coming together to create a phenomenal musical experience. Congratulations are due not only to the talented musicians but also to the producer, sound engineer, mixer, and every individual involved in the creation of this sonic masterpiece.

Taking all these factors into account, I am thoroughly impressed by Skintrade. Their unique approach to their craft is palpable, and as a listener, you can easily sense their authenticity. I am delighted with this discovery and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness their powerful live performances.

"Chosen Ones" comes highly recommended for fans of '90s traditional and classic rock music. The song has rightfully earned its place on our Top Rock Songs Playlist on Spotify. Be sure to explore the links below to learn more about Skintrade, follow them on social media, and subscribe to their channels to show your support and stay up to date with their upcoming releases.

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its heartfelt congratulations to Skintrade for their badass job on "Chosen Ones" and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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