Silverstein - Die Alone - Song Review - Modern Emo Punk Rock from Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Silverstein - Die Alone - Song Review - Modern Emo Punk Rock from Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Today I am writing about a promising modern emo punk rock band; Silverstein, from Burlington, Ontario, Canada with; Die Alone, one of their singles released in 2022.

Silverstein - Die Alone feat. Andrew Neufeld [Official Music Video]

Credits:Director + Editor + Colourist Wyatt CloughProducer Emily SmilieDoP Alessandro LanzilottaAC Bassem AzarGaffer Edward HernandezGrip Juan AngelPC Bailey TrudgeonArt Dept Jav AliStylist Vanessa CesarioHMU Mackenzie HodgePA Mason GeorgePA Dawson DeGraff

It isn't always possible to like something that doesn't really resonate with your feelings, yet, all these years in the music business have taught me to appreciate creative and visionary work, such as in this example. It was in April 2022 I was first introduced to Silverstein with the Die Alone music video, and the excitement is still there every time I listen to it after all this time. That means something.

First of all, Die Alone deserves appreciation for its established sound and personal musical blend, powered by an experienced and talented Canadian collective with a respectful discography. The musical side of things has an edgy foundation in general that might discourage general listeners, mainly because of its emo influences and vocals. In fact, the vocalist has the necessary voice, attitude, and style in his singing to lead the Silverstein music style somewhere original, adding so much character which makes him one of the pillars of this success.

The instrumentation has both traditional and modern influences, stands out with its character and the amount of energy they produce. And this small detail gives Silverstein another distinguishing characteristic, the ability to perform like old-school bands in terms of energy.

Technically, sound and video production have played a crucial role in the outcome, one of the main reasons I am convinced this is successful work. The sound character is modern that doesn't sound digital like other contemporary bands, blending old-school punk rock energy with today's industry leading production standards.

Silverstein, performing on stageCredit: Unknown

On the other hand, I also have to admit that the song has influences from emo and punk rock music that I am not a big fan of, this specific vocal style just didn't resonate with me.

Silverstein, band photoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Die Alone. Established blend of punk rock, emo, modern, and screamo influences by one of the hottest prospects from Canada. Thanks for reading.

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Die Alone - Song Review - Modern Emo Punk Rock from Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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