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Today we are featuring another successful indie rock artist; Sean Kennedy, from Massachusetts, USA. We have reviewed their fascinating song; Young & Depressed, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Sean Kennedy is another promising upcoming indie rock artist I have discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions about three weeks ago with this very song; Young & Depressed, off from his debut release; Young & Depressed, which was released a few days ago in 2019. Even with its song title, Sean is talking about so many things at the same time, isn’t it?

The song both musically and technically has exceptional standards. Hands down. The build is quite standard but the ideas are fresh and they immediately make the listener feel better. The energy is more like relaxing in general and atmospheric enough to switch off the world of the listener from time to time. It has a specific taste that makes you want to daydream, think about everything like watching a movie. I am a big fan of these vibes and in this way, the artist is certainly showing great potential, especially with his way of writing music, decisions, melodies, mood and just like I’ve mentioned before, with his specific taste. This is what I always look for whenever I listen to new music. Every new song has to have something new to offer in my opinion. Just like this very song; Young & Depressed has a beautiful one to offer.


Such as the beautiful tender voice of the vocalist, the song has great sound quality and production as well. Everything sounds clean, clear, natural, positive, ambient, professionally recorded, balanced, engineered, but most importantly in wonderful harmony. In my book, this is a top class job. Just the sound quality itself has more than 50% of a chance winning the heart of any listener with this beautiful sound. In this way, I’d like to congratulate every single soul who has taken a part in this project along with the producer. They have done a marvelous job with no doubt.

This kind of music always reminds me of some bands that I listen to whenever I want to relax at home or while driving. Also, I remember this is how Coldplay started their careers back in time and everybody loved them. As I have mentioned before, Sean Kennedy has done everything so professionally, he doesn’t sound like an upcoming artist with this song at all. So when I take all these into account, I’d like to say that this is a brilliant piece of work by Sean Kennedy that will make him proud all his life. He is showing great potential here and all he has to do is to maintain his standards on his upcoming releases.

Sean Kennedy - Young & Depressed Song Review - 06

In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Sean Kennedy for his heartwarming song; Young & Depressed, and wish him the very best in his future. Thanks for reading.

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