Ruby Topaz - Rabbit Hole - Album Review - 70s Rock from Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Ruby Topaz - Rabbit Hole - Album Review - 70s Rock from Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Today I am writing about the 70s progressive rock band; Ruby Topaz, from Providence, Rhode Island, USA with; Rabbit Hole, their latest studio album released in 2022.

Thanks for Nothing (Official Audio)

Ruby Topaz is a project of a passionate artist, Mark Bram, who blew me away with the content they have on their Youtube channel from the 80s, showing them living the successful rock band lifestyle. This video was one of the most epic content I watched lately and Ruby Topaz immediately earned my utmost respect. These gentlemen were cool and living the rock n roll dream even before I was born.

First of all, you can easily tell that they are quite experienced when it comes to writing and performing music, coming from the heart of the entertainment business after you listen to a few tracks and watch videos about Ruby Topaz, even though it wasn't properly picturing how I really feel about Rabbit Hole.

Rabbit Hole album has enough quality to make a satisfying listen especially for those who are into live performing rock music with a traditional sound character. The musical side has heavy influences of the 70s and 80s rock, you get to see a similar band formation with guitar solos and vocal styles, and hear ideas, passages, and progressive influences in its approach from the 70s greatest rock acts such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Pink Floyd. As a musician, I'd say the job Ruby Topaz has done here deserves appreciation.

Secondly, the project also has a traditional approach to its technical side, including its recording technique, sound design, and production, as well as its musical foundation. It sounded to me like it was performed, recorded, mixed, and produced in a similar old-school way to those 70s bands, and I respect all these decisions.

Ruby Topaz, Band PhotoCredit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, it also took me a few days to figure out what was missing in their case. Rabbit Hole didn't satisfy me as a listener for a few reasons I am about to explain.

First and foremost, I wouldn't call Rabbit Hole a special album for it was too traditional for me in its general approach from the beginning to the end. It has many goods but not enough greatness in its foundation, both in the musical and technical side.

Also, the musical side of the job earned my respect as also an artist, yet I have to admit that it wasn't fresh sounding and interesting enough in the end.

Lastly, the sound design and production didn't have enough quality, style, and vision to make a positive impact on me either. All these points come to one conclusion that I believe Ruby Topaz is suffering from not having a great producer for all this time, from the situation where they had to do it all by themselves. One thing's certain that it wouldn't be possible to say these things if they were produced by Rick Rubin.

Ruby Topaz, Band PhotoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Rabbit Hole by Ruby Topaz. Good old school 70s rock with blues, country, and progressive influences of Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Pink Floyd. Thanks for reading.

Ruby Topaz, Rabbit Hole (2022) Album Front Cover Artwork Credit: Mark Bram, Katrina Ginzburg, Katya Ginzburg-Bram

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