The Role of Real Artists in a World of AI-Generated Art

As someone with a deep respect for real artists, I have been both impressed and concerned by the capabilities of AI in the art world. While it is impressive to see what can be created with this technology, it’s important to consider the future of art and the role of human artists. In a world where new songs are being uploaded at a rapid rate, it can be difficult to differentiate music from noise. However, I believe that the rise of AI and digital tools should not be seen as a threat to real artists, but rather as an opportunity for them to shine even brighter. Just as the advent of digital recording technology did not spell the end of professional recording studios, the rise of AI-generated art will only serve to highlight the value and importance of human artists and their creations.

As someone with over a decade of experience in the music industry, I can confidently say that nothing can replace the original. While fake art and artists have always existed, it’s the skill and vision of real artists that sets them apart and allows them to succeed. In an oversaturated market, it can be challenging for artists to stand out, but by using their skills and vision to create something truly original and authentic, they can differentiate themselves from AI-generated art and continue to thrive.

Ultimately, the value of real artists and their creations will always be recognized and appreciated by those who value the unique qualities of human creativity and expression. AI can certainly be a useful tool and an inspiration for creating new things, but it will never replace the value of original art and the talent of real artists.

That is why I wanted to take a moment to appreciate some of my favorite visual artists and share their amazing work with others. I encourage you all to share your own favorite artists in the comments and continue to support the incredible talent that exists in our world.

So, here are a few of my personal favorites in random order:

Lucifer behind the Veil of Souls by Denis Forkas

“Lucifer behind the Veil of Souls” by Denis Forkas

Slavic Dreams, Bauk Encounter by Petar Milivojevic

“Slavic Dreams, Bauk Encounter” by Petar Milivojevic

Hushed and Grim by Paul Romano

“Hushed & Grim” by Paul Romano

Mater Mortem by Felipe Froeder Arcano XV

“Mater Mortem” by Felipe Froeder / Arcano XV

Mater Mortem by Felipe Froeder Arcano XV

“Silent Figure With Landscape {Moonlight Shadow}” by øjeRum

"Carnival Of Souls" by Andrew Blucha / Metafables

“Carnival Of Souls” by Andrew Blucha / Metafables

"Eros & Thanatos" by Yoann Lossel

“Eros & Thanatos” by Yoann Lossel

"Vasilisa" by Sam Guayis

“Vasilisa” by Sam Guay

The Role of Real Artists in a World of AI-Generated Art

Thank you to all the artists out there who continue to create and inspire us with their talent.

The Role of Real Artists in a World of AI-Generated Art


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