Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse - Dust - Song Review - Progressive Vintage Death Metal from Manchester, England

Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse - Dust - Song Review - Progressive Vintage Death Metal from Manchester, England
Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse - Dust - Song Review - Progressive Vintage Death Metal from Manchester, England

Today, we are excited to feature the formidable progressive death metal band Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse from Manchester, England, and their powerful song 'Dust.' Join us as we explore the depths of this captivating release.

Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse - Dust

Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse is an exceptional upcoming death metal band that recently caught my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions with their impressive song 'Dust,' from their debut release (unfortunately, not available on Spotify). As many of our loyal readers may recall, I have a profound appreciation for music with a dark atmosphere, innovative compositions, and creative ideas. This song, from start to finish, exceeds all expectations. The level of craftsmanship displayed is truly outstanding. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not just a simple death metal song; it is so much more. With a fusion of intriguing musical ideas and seamlessly connected sections that showcase elements of advanced progressive rock and jazzy influences, it brings to mind the ass-kicking period of Dream Theater (early Dream Theater). Additionally, the dark and powerful guitar riffs, combined with brutal vocals and interconnections, remind me of the sheer creativity of Opeth, the most innovative band to grace the metal scene. Witnessing all these captivating elements converge within an upcoming death metal band is a rarity. I am genuinely blown away by their immense talent, creativity, ideas, decision-making, and exceptional musicianship.

Clocking in at around 9 minutes, 'Dust' presents a captivating, dark, and moody storyline akin to a thrilling movie. From the moment I first listened to it, I was immediately entranced by its ominous ambiance. As a dedicated fan of Opeth, I find solace in such brooding soundscapes. After the opening section, I had reservations that the song might veer into a banal and formulaic direction (thankfully, that never occurred). In this composition, the English collective showcases immense potential. Crafting compositions of this caliber is no small feat, my friends. Furthermore, we must not forget that 'Dust' is just one piece of their debut release, further heightening the anticipation surrounding their future endeavors.

'Dust' boasts commendable technical standards, albeit with room for improvement. As individuals exposed to a plethora of new music every single day, we understand the challenges faced by emerging bands and artists, and we greatly respect their efforts. In the grand scheme of things, the song does not sound subpar; however, a lingering desire to hear it executed with top-tier standards persists within me. The band has a myriad of brilliant elements to offer, and while I won't delve into the technical intricacies, it is important to note that the overall experience remains beautiful and satisfying.

Considering all these factors, Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse is among the select few bands that have evoked such sentiments within me. Their potential shines brightly through this song, and I am confident that those who have explored their music are eagerly awaiting their forthcoming album (myself included).

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse for their phenomenal song 'Dust.' Thank you for reading.

Ritual of the Everlasting Eclipse - Dust, album front cover artwork