Red Bird Rising - My Revolution ft. Taras Kuznetsov - Song Review - Alternative Jazz Rock from Santa Marta, Colombia and Odesa, Ukraine

Red Bird Rising - My Revolution ft. Taras Kuznetsov - Song Review - Alternative Jazz Rock from Santa Marta, Colombia and Odesa, Ukraine

Today, we delve into the captivating world of Red Bird Rising, an alternative jazz-rock project hailing from Santa Marta, Colombia. This project features the talents of two artists from Odesa, UkraineTaras Kuznetsov and Ana Pshokina—who bring forth a powerful message from Ukraine. Our focus today is on their latest single, "My Revolution," released on January 28, 2023

Red Bird Rising - My Revolution ft. Taras Kuznetsov (Official Music Video)

"An original song and video by RED BIRD RISING featuring guest lead vocalist Taras Kuznetsov about his contending with the Russian invasion living in Odesa, Ukraine. - March 2022."

Video Credits:Producer/Diedrich Donald WeissDirector/Diedrich Donald Weiss, Taras Kuznetsov, Flor GiardinoWriter/Diedrich Donald Weiss, Taras KuznetsovEditor/Diedrich Donald Weiss, Flor GiardinoColor/Flor GiardinoVideo Music Mixing Engineer/Mariano CukiermanVideo Music Mastering Engineer/Pablo Peyrano, Greg ReiersonActor/Taras KuznetsovActor/Ana PshokinaDance & Choreography/Melina Ascune

Within the serene Swiss Alps, I find myself immersed in the soundscape of Red Bird Rising—a project led by songwriter and producer Diedrich Donald Weiss. To my pleasant surprise, this endeavor also involves two familiar names from Odesa, Ukraine: Taras Kuznetsov, lending his commanding vocals, and Ana Pshokina, skillfully handling the bass.

"My Revolution" seamlessly intertwines alternative, jazz, rock, and commercial influences, resulting in a musical concept that retains its radio-friendly appeal while offering ample opportunities for live performances. The song distinguishes itself with its moody and slow-burning atmosphere, adorned with delectable jazz elements that perfectly complement Taras' evocative low-key vocals. The composition immediately caught my attention with its mainstream sensibilities, leaving an indelible imprint in one's mind, and leaving listeners yearning for more.

Technically, "My Revolution" boasts convincing standards overall, even though it may not be solely remembered for its production. The song's sound design successfully captures the essence of late-night, slow-burning jazz, employing a secure and conventional approach from the outset. Personally, I found the overall energy highly satisfying, evoking images of Red Bird Rising, Taras Kuznetsov, and Ana Pshokina delivering this music in a jazz club, seamlessly captivating their audience.

Diedrich Donald Weiss, artist photoPhoto credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, it is challenging to pinpoint weaknesses within this project as it demonstrates a cohesive and convincing foundation. From the musical contributions to the production, every decision is carefully crafted to convey a simple yet profound message that resonates deeply with listeners. It is impossible to overlook the weight of the unfortunate war in Ukraine and the profound emotional resonance it holds, particularly for those who have experienced it firsthand.

Diedrich Donald Weiss, artist photoPhoto credit: Unknown

In conclusion, I am delighted to have discovered Red Bird Rising and their collaboration with Taras Kuznetsov and Ana Pshokina. Easy-listening late-night jazz experience with rich instrumentation and moody, slow-burning sentiments. The transcultural collaboration speaks volumes, carrying the heavy emotions of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Thank you for reading.

Red Bird Rising, My Revolution (2023) Single Front Cover Artwork Art Credit: Unknown

Music Credits: Songwriter/Diedrich Donald Weiss Producer/Mariano Cukierman, Diedrich Donald Weiss Mixing Engineer/Mariano Cukierman Mastering Engineer/Pablo Peyrano, Greg Reierson Lead Vocal/Taras Kuznetsov Bass Guitar/Ana Pshokina Electric Guitar/Mariano Cukierman, Diedrich Donald Weiss Acoustic Guitar/Mariano Cukierman Synth Keyboard/Mariano Cukierman Electric Piano & Organ/Mariano Cukierman Drums/Fernando Moreno Backing Vocals/Diedrich Donald Weiss String Arrangement/Megan Gould Violin & Viola/Megan Gould Cello/Eleanor Norton

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