Rammstein Members Kissed on Stage in Russia

Rammstein Members Kissed on Stage in Russia
Rammstein Members Kissed on Stage in Russia

Rammstein members kissed on the Moscow stage in Russia as an anti-act against the country's LGBT stance. They posted it on Instagram and added; “Russia, we love you!”

Rock crossing borders

Rock has managed to reap great performers, which have been responsible for putting the name of the genre very high and keep it current and accepted, from the moment it emerged, and hopefully for thousands of years. Surely, if you are a metal, rock fan or not, you have heard about the German band Rammstein. Although the band was formed during the 90s, it has unquestionably gotten into the collective's mind and has collected a lot of fans around the world for so many different reasons.

Rammstein, the early days

The band had its origins in the mid-90s and many of its members already knew each other, or at least their musical qualities, since most of these previously belonged to other bands that apparently did not have much success. The band has decided that they would not sing in English, so their record material sounds in their native German. Since its inception, the band had a rather mysterious and even a little dark concept, yet they have gained multiple followers who enjoy the theatricality that the band prints in their live performances.

Rammstein Members Kissed on Stage in Russia - Metalhead Community

Music uniting professions

Many think that Rammstein members have always spent their days developing as musicians, but many of them had incredible professions, for example Till Lindemann was a professional swimmer and is a certified pyrotechnic, Richard Kruspe is Chef, Paul Landers did have completely musical influences, and knows how to play multiple instruments besides being a polyglot, Christian Lorenz studied music and painting, and it was he who introduced the idea of the band for singing in German and rejecting English.

Provocation, Rammstein's second name

It is no surprise to anyone that Rammstein has dedicated himself entirely to creating musical and visual content that is highly provocative. Playing songs that are taboo for many today (and thinking that they have been doing it for more than two decades), and They are not completely accepted by everyone, and until recently. They returned to star in a scene where the controversy took place, and this time it was Moscow's turn to witness it, at the Luzhniki Stadium.

On the stage where the band was performing a concert, they decided to do something that is not completely new for this tour, it seems. Two of the members of this metal band starred in the scene of a kiss, Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers decided to approach and kiss, and of course, they managed to perpetuate this moment.

Rammstein, Deutschland music video fragment

Initially, the crowd was shocked, but then they held a great celebration, since this undoubtedly represents a challenge to the government of Putin, who has quite clearly rejected any homosexual influence that can be seen by minors. This includes marches or parades, which are styled in other countries.

The repression has not been expected by the authorities since several cases related to this ban have been reported. Even so, the band has really ignored this and has done this with the intention of supporting those who at this time they have no voice or freedom of expression.

Many took it as a gesture towards the community, while many others did not, so of course they wanted to believe that it is a common gesture among certain singers who seek to create commotion among the public and generate great controversy (and Rammstein does not have a hard time to do it), and to leave no doubt. They have decided to post the photo on a famous social network, and with a nice footnote, they clarified the doubts, giving complete security to the first statement.

“Russia, we love you”

For some years, in Russia, it has been enforced where all types of homosexual propaganda directed or imparted to minors are rejected. However, it is known that these cases apply without much regard and the LGBT community has felt extremely battered since that time, but the community felt acceptance and relief from Rammstein after the kiss between his guitarists.

On Rammstein's Instagram account, the band has posted the photo at the exact moment of the kiss, and they accompanied him with the phrase “Russia, we love you”, which dispelled any doubt related to some performance that the band premiered.

It would be impossible to say that the president of Russia has not seen or that it is news worldwide regarding the presentation that the band gave in the country. But so far the authorities have not pronounced with any sanction or the like (surely the dark aspect protects a little of this). If there were sanctions, we will soon find out, for now, Rammstein becomes an icon of the LGBT community in Russia.

Rammstein, Radio music video fragment

It is not the first time that they star in a “scandal”

Rammstein released an album in which two of his singles explicitly talked about sex, and one of these "pussy" had a video that was considered pornographic and was censored in many parts of the world. The ability to cause controversy is the strength of the band, as they always do something very eccentric or theatrical.

The Metal and the LGBT community

Many are the artists who have spoken in favor of the LGBT community, but very few are openly related to rock music, but for many, it is synonymous with other issues. Today it has been seen as many pronounce in favor of this group, completely rejecting violence against them. Adam Darski of Behemoth has also expressed his discontent, and some other bands such as Green Day, The Smiths, The Rolling Stones, Queen, among others, have made songs that feature an openly gay character. The leaders of industrial metal, such as Rammstein have always been controversial. However, we still do not know the opinion of many others who have never spoken in favor of or against the LGBT community, surely we will soon have news about this.

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