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Little Hannah Montana surprises at the famous festival

From a very young age, Miley Cyrus has been in front of the cameras, developing her talent naturally and under the guidance of her father, who is also a musician. We have observed the constant change of this Disney artist since she was very young.


Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters – Metalhead Community

He went from having a double life to discover his identity on stage

Since 2006 Miley played the role of a girl with a double life who was torn between managing a normal life and also between being a star singer. Thus managing to hide this from all her friends and acquaintances.

The series that saw her grow

Hannah Montana had incredible success and during all her seasons Miley developed her full potential as a singer (as usually happens with these Disney stars) so she was more popular and recognized, not only for the fame of her series but also for her talent with the microphone.


Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters – Metalhead Community

Miley is currently an icon of Pop music

This is how Miley Cyrus was gaining popularity until she became a world-renowned Pop artist. After her participation in the series ended, the girl ventured fully into the world of music, becoming a modern icon with great vocal potentials. Miley’s fame came after participating in the famous series, where she casually played a singer. However, maintaining her current name in multiple press articles has not been difficult. In front of the cameras she managed to show a very radical change, and then at the end of her series she became one of the most controversial young artists.

It completely erased her image as a child, and became very controversial

Her image was criticized for a time for being very daring, even so the young woman kept giving what to talk about, turning this image into her particular stamp both in concerts and in her daily life. And thus continued for a few more years. Currently, Miley Cyrus has left those days of exhibitionism behind and has focused completely on taking a new image and a new attitude, which her fans have received the change in a very positive way.

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Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters – Metalhead Community

Miley as Ashley O in Black Mirror

Miley has become a very influential image over the years. She had a participation in the Netflix series “Black Mirror”, which gives life to a young music diva, and shows how the industry can squeeze these girls to the fullest, taking full advantage of them, regardless of anything else. It is a harsh criticism regarding the duality of the life of these young women. The chapter was heavily criticized by fans of the series, but this did not affect in the least Miley, who planned his participation in other scenarios of great importance, this time with live performances.


Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters – Metalhead Community

Miley Cyrus Metallica fan?

In the most recent installment of one of the world’s busiest festivals; the Glastonbury, where you can see artists of great trajectory or new talents with powerful voices. The whole spectrum of musical genres is given the opportunity to entertain and to encourage its spectators. This year the participation of Miley Cyrus not only delighted the audience with songs of her authorship, but she also made a cover of a song well known to Rock and Metal music lovers.


Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters – Metalhead Community

Nothing Else Matters with a female voice

At the Pyramid Stage of the famous festival, Miley has arrived with a slight rocker look and has taken the audience by surprise by making a version of one of the rock hymns; “Nothing Else Matters” of the spectacular Metallica.

The performance was sensational, and Miley’s melodious voice felt passionate and scratchy. It is difficult to try to convey the feeling that James Hetfield (vocalist of Metallica) usually prints in the song, and that it is also strange to hear it from a female voice (this if we take into account the attitude transmitted by the singer).

Against all odds, Miley took the stage and delighted the audience. What came out of this event was surely planned by the young singer, who apparently enjoys Rock music quite a lot and shared the joy of singing one of the most symbolic songs of the rock and roll history.

Miley continued for the pleasure of many with the performing of other rock hits when she played “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin and “Head Like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails, and this was not the first stage to see her revive one of the pieces of Rock known to all.


Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters – Metalhead Community

Say Hello 2 heaven, Miley

Months ago, the successful singer had made a cover of Say Hello to Heaven, Temple of the Dog, which was intended to complete a tribute that was made to Chris Cornell. It was at this time where Lars Urlich himself (drummer of Metallica), recognized the marvelous of the performance by Miley through his Instagram account. The praise came accompanied by a photo of these two artists (Miley and Lars) in the dressing rooms.

Apparently, Miley likes to perform these great masters and has been praised even by members of the bands of which she has chosen to represent their successes. However, there will always be divided opinions about why the diva has taken this course and has become less “Pop” in her shows.

It is not clear if the choice of the subject was influenced by the encounter that months ago between Miley and the drummer of Metallica, or this was something more “rehearsed” than “improvised” for many years.

Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters – Metalhead Community

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