Preseija - Follow the Sirens - Single Review - Modern Metalcore from Limburg, Germany

Preseija - Follow the Sirens - Single Review - Modern Metalcore from Limburg, Germany
Preseija - Follow the Sirens - Single Review - Modern Metalcore from Limburg, Germany

Today, we are excited to introduce Preseija, a promising modern progressive metalcore/deathcore band hailing from Limburg, Germany. Their debut single, 'Follow the Sirens,' showcases their electrifying talent and sets the stage for their musical journey.

Preseija - Follow The Sirens [Official Music Video]. produced, mixed & mastered by Jonathan Aßheuer. Video by Florian Aumüller

Preseija emerged on my radar through Metalhead Community Submissions with their debut single, 'Follow the Sirens,' released in 2019. In a time when the modern metal scene is saturated with bands following the same formula and approach, Preseija stands out with their diverse influences and unique blend of death metal, progressive metal, thrash metal, and djent. This infusion of different elements adds a refreshing twist to their music, setting them apart from the monotonous sound of countless metalcore bands. Their ability to seamlessly combine these influences while maintaining their own distinctive sound is the first aspect that caught my attention.

'Follow the Sirens' is a powerful and dynamic song that exudes a proper metal attitude. The energy is overflowing, and the production quality is exceptional. Preseija expertly balances progressive and traditional elements in the composition. While some may find the structure somewhat familiar, it serves as a solid foundation for a debut release. As newcomers to the scene, it is understandable that their primary focus was on delivering a successful album. I anticipate that Preseija will continue to evolve and experiment with their compositions in subsequent releases.

Follow the Sirens music video fragment

As mentioned earlier, 'Follow the Sirens' boasts top-notch sound quality and production. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in its clean, natural, and well-engineered sound. While many metalcore/deathcore bands sound great sonically, they often lack distinctive characteristics that set them apart. Preseija, on the other hand, exhibits a level of authenticity and potential rarely seen in newcomers. Their sound possesses a unique character, and it stands as one of the best examples of its kind in terms of dynamics, energy, and atmosphere. As curators, tastemakers, bloggers, reviewers, and talent scouts, we are always on the lookout for bands with authentic styles and potential. Preseija has already surpassed expectations by demonstrating their composing abilities, creativity, and distinctive sound.

Taking everything into account, I am genuinely impressed by Preseija. 'Follow the Sirens' marks only the beginning of their musical journey, and I believe they have much more to offer. As supporters of aspiring musicians, it is crucial that we stand by those we believe in, follow their progress, and provide honest feedback. Our support means more to them than they can possibly imagine.

Follow the Sirens music video fragment

In conclusion, we, the Metalhead Community Team, wholeheartedly congratulate Preseija on their successful debut, 'Follow the Sirens,' and wish them the very best on their musical path. Thank you for reading.

Preseija, Follow the Sirens (2019) single front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown


Follow the Sirens music video fragment



Follow the Sirens music video fragment

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