Parasite Inc - Dead and Alive - Album Review - Melodic Death Metal from Aalen, Germany

Parasite Inc - Dead and Alive - Album Review - Melodic Death Metal from Aalen, Germany
Parasite Inc - Dead and Alive - Album Review - Melodic Death Metal from Aalen, Germany

Today, we are thrilled to feature Parasite Inc, a promising melodic death metal band hailing from Aalen, Germany. In this review, we will delve into their groundbreaking album, "Dead and Alive," exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Parasite Inc is a band I discovered years ago, and I am excited to take a closer look at their cancer-curing album, "Dead and Alive," released in 2018. Since their debut album, "Time Tears Down," in 2013, Parasite Inc has steadily built their discography, including one more long-play album, "Dead and Alive" (2018), one live album, "Live at Emfa 2020," and five singles, including "Deadlife" (2013), "Headfuck Rollercoaster" (2018), "Once and for All" (2018), "Cold Silent Hell (Orchestra Only)" (2019), and "Cold Silent Hell (Orchestral Version)" (2019). I encourage you to listen to the album while reading the rest of this article to fully immerse yourself in Parasite Inc's music.

Parasite Inc is among the rare few bands that have achieved remarkable success with a limited discography. Even after their debut album in 2013, these German gentlemen have proven themselves to the world, establishing themselves as a professional touring band. This, my friends, is the epitome of success, and it is evident that none of their achievements happened by chance.

"Dead and Alive" is an essential album in the melodic death metal genre, showcasing 11 powerful songs that deliver satisfying thrash metal guitars, groovy drums, death metal vocals, old school vibes, and an optimal dose of metal. This style resonates with the desires of fans attending live festivals, and Parasite Inc has masterfully crafted songs that provide an easy listening experience while keeping the energy levels high. The album boasts a powerful groove and an unwavering drive from start to finish, occasionally evoking the spirit of internationally acclaimed bands.

As mentioned earlier, the overall style of "Dead and Alive" leans towards the traditional side, merging galloping guitars, brutal vocals, and additional orchestral instruments to enrich the sound. It is a remarkable fusion of thrash metal dynamics, symphonic metal melodies, European and Scandinavian influences (particularly in the melodies), and the relentless pace of death metal—all encapsulated in an irresistible form.

From a technical standpoint, "Dead and Alive" is a satisfying masterpiece. The album boasts clean, clear, dynamic, and well-engineered sound production that seamlessly harmonizes every element. While I am unsure of the album's producer and mixer, their contribution is undoubtedly commendable. This album stands as an iconic milestone in Parasite Inc's discography and in the annals of metal history.

In conclusion, I had an incredible time listening to Parasite Inc's magnificent album, "Dead and Alive." The Metalhead Community Team extends its heartfelt congratulations to the band for their outstanding work and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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