Omissis – Passionless Achievements – Song Review – Modern Alternative Metal from Bern, Switzerland

Omissis – Passionless Achievements – Song Review – Modern Alternative Metal from Bern, Switzerland

Today I am writing about a promising modern alternative metal band; Omissis, from Bern, Switzerland with; Passionless Achievements, their debut single released in 2022.

Omissis – Passionless Achievements (Official Lyric Video)

Video by Randall Hammer

Today is the third day I am listening to Passionless Achievements after discovering it for the first time a few months back. It first caught my attention with its song title and perspective as a Death fan, then convinced by its quality and vision in the end. Another young hot prospect from Bern deserves attention for their work. In my book, Passionless Achievements is a successful debut without any weaknesses.

First of all, the song stands out with its standards, both technically and musically. The sound quality has industry-leading standards, blending mainstream metal influences and carrying both modern and vintage qualities in its DNA. The sound design has the live performing feeling of old-school metal, grunge rock, and punk rock, they are the pillars of Omissis’ musical foundation. I believe building a sound with the energy of punk rock and nowadays’s modern metal character was the idea from the beginning, and the result is impressive.

On the musical side, Omissis didn’t only choose to have such influences in their sound character but in their musical foundation as well. The song carries recognizable characteristics such as the vocal style and modern metal sound of Slipknot with the explosive energy of Nirvana, accompanied by the 90s Metallica attitude and mainstream modern metal music influences.

Omissis, performing live Credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, the song sounded a bit mainstream metal for my personal taste as a progressive metal enthusiast, but also aware it doesn’t change the fact that these Swiss gentlemen have done a fine job so far, and this is just their debut.

Omissis, band photo Credit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I’d like to say that I had a great time listening to Passionless Achievements. Certainly a promising debut where modern metal characteristics of Slipknot meet the explosive energy of Nirvana. Thanks for reading.

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