Oberst - Goddess - Song Review - Progressive Grungecore from Oslo, Norway

Oberst - Goddess - Song Review - Progressive Grungecore from Oslo, Norway
Oberst - Goddess - Song Review - Progressive Grungecore from Oslo, Norway

Today, we turn our attention to Oberst, a promising progressive math/grungecore band hailing from Oslo, Norway. In this review, we delve into their explosive single, "Goddess," exploring its character, style, story, and potential.

Oberst captured my attention a couple of months ago as a band that impressed me not only with a single song but with their overall sound and capabilities. "Goddess" serves as a prime example of their talent. I invite you to listen to it before delving into the rest of this article.

As an admirer of innovative thinkers in all spheres, including music, I have always believed that true creativity stems from those unafraid to push boundaries. Bands like Mastodon, Gojira, and Ihsahn have recently caught my ear, embodying this spirit of fearless exploration. Oberst aligns with these trailblazers, presenting a distinctive, super progressive dirty British rock-inspired sound. This energy resonates deeply with me, as I believe that metal music, without the proper energy, lacks the essence of true metal. Oberst excels in maintaining a raw and natural sound, blending it with exceptional energy that permeates every instrument and vocal. "Goddess" pulsates with a remarkable power that resonates within, effortlessly propelling the song forward.

The song deviates from standard structures and embraces non-standard ideas, with the exception of the chorus. While the chorus showcases melodic elements, it doesn't fully reflect the authentic Oberst personality. However, this doesn't detract from the song's overall quality. The true brilliance lies in the originality, freshness, and power found in every other aspect of the composition. Moving forward, I encourage Oberst to focus on harnessing their authentic style, which truly sets them apart.

From a technical standpoint, "Goddess" meets top-class standards across the board. The production is exceptional, resulting in a clear, dirty, powerful, aggressive, and dynamic sound. The engineering, mixing, and overall harmony of the elements are meticulously crafted. Oberst's choice of Gibson guitars, known for their dirty character famously associated with System of a Down, contributes to the band's distinctiveness. With a touch of British influence and a progressive orientation, Oberst strikes a perfect balance between distortion and full gain. This exceptional tone elevates their music, showcasing their prowess in combining these elements with progressive sensibilities. Congratulations to every individual involved in the recording process; the outcome is truly beautiful.

In conclusion, Oberst has left a lasting impression not only with "Goddess" but with their overall style and potential. The song serves as a testament to their character and dynamics. I am confident that those who resonate with their music, as I have, will follow their journey with unwavering support. I am thrilled by this discovery and wholeheartedly recommend that you check them out as well!

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community extends our congratulations to Oberst for their outstanding work on "Goddess." We wish them continued success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

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