Non-Continuum - A Rending Momentum - Song Review - Groovy Djent Metal from Munich, Germany

Non-Continuum - A Rending Momentum - Song Review - Groovy Djent Metal from Munich, Germany

Today, I delve into the world of a groovy, progressive, and modern djent metal project, Non-Continuum, hailing from Munich, Germany. Their sixth single, “A Rending Momentum,” was released on July 24th, 2023, and simply made Djent metal sound great again.

Non-Continuum, A Rending Momentum (Official Audio)

A bright Saturday, the 19th of August, with a rare clear sky here in the Lucerne mountains, sets the atmosphere as I explore the new release from a promising project I was introduced to some years ago. While I can’t confirm all the details, I have a feeling that this is a one-man-orchestra endeavor, where the composer, producer, and performer have been officially crafting badass djent metal since 2021 – Non-Continuum, there you go.

First of all, “A Rending Momentum” is a brilliant work that I’ve found equally refreshingly thrilling at both low and maximum volumes. It’s safe to say, it sounds superb. The meticulous balance and production quality evoke the work of an established metal producer. In this case, the creator’s musical vision draws influences from the 2000s and contemporary metal, seamlessly blending these under the umbrella of djent metal. The song stands out for its electrifying grooves, fantastic vocals, and bass guitar – reminiscent of the nu-metal era – accompanied by a foundation akin to Meshuggah’s quintessential djent metal sound.

From a musical standpoint, the approach mirrors the technical side, both aiming to offer a reflection of Meshuggah’s dominant djent metal character while infusing hints of 2000s groove, nu-metal, and death metal. The track’s structure follows the customary linear pattern of djent metal, with the unmistakable guitar work that leads the charge. The sole vocalist of the song, Lee, has a distinct tone and the ability to navigate death and djent metal stylings, adding a layer of authenticity that lends the song credibility. His performances were my favorite from start to finish.

Furthermore, even after multiple listens, “A Rending Momentum” retains its freshness and excitement sonically while showing so much greatness for its live performance potential at the same time. You can’t help yourself imagining seeing Non-Continuum in full force on the stage, charging thousands of fans while playing this song.

Non-Continuum, band artPhoto credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I’d like to address some aspects that caught my attention. To start, the unmistakable influence of Meshuggah casts a significant shadow over the essence of Non-Continuum, particularly evident within this specific song. While “A Rending Momentum” certainly possesses quality and potential, the influence of Meshuggah, both musically and technically, overshadows the originality.

Furthermore, the sound arrangement sometimes brings to mind the atmosphere of a recording done in a home studio, a characteristic that doesn’t resonate well with me. The overall atmosphere and energy closely correspond with the origins of djent metal where Non-Continuum appeared to be conservative, finding its place comfortably within this specific genre. I’ve found it concerning, regarding the project’s distinctiveness. While I’m neither a djent metal enthusiast nor a dedicated Meshuggah fan, the comparison is difficult to escape, and the identity of the song becomes somewhat muddled.

The unmistakable stamp of a home recording studio lingers, manifested in the guitar, drum, and bass sounds. In “A Rending Momentum,” these elements aren’t only present in instruments; but also supported by a vocalist reminiscent of Jens Kidman. Although Lee, reminds me of the distinctive vocal stylings of Vasyl Pereverzev / Василь Переверзєв (vocalist of the Ukrainian metal bandTol”) in “Flag,” a commendation to a vocalist with one of the most authentic and impressive metal vocals I’ve encountered in recent years, yet, oddly, there’s a hint of Jens Kidman in Lee’s delivery, further blurring the lines.

Non-Continuum, A Rending Momentum single front cover artworkArt credit: Unknown

In summary, “A Rending Momentum” takes listeners on an intricate journey through groovy djent metal, blending influences with expertise, skill, determination, and passion. Djent Metal at its finest accompanied by 2000s nu-metal and groove metal by a one-man orchestra that demonstrates remarkable potential, although with a shadow of Meshuggah. A Rending Momentum release presents an intriguing addition to your musical library in case you are into djent metal. Thank you for reading.


released July 24, 2023All Music and Lyrics by NON-CONTINUUMVocals performed by "Lee" / Egotherapie

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