Nick Nash - Fortress of Gold - Album Review - Singer-Songwriter from Utah, USA

Nick Nash - Fortress of Gold - Album Review - Singer-Songwriter from Utah, USA
Nick Nash - Fortress of Gold - Album Review - Singer-Songwriter from Utah, USA

Today, we are thrilled to feature Nick Nash, a promising alternative music artist from Utah, USA, and his mesmerizing album, "Fortress of Gold." Nash's unique blend of indie, alternative, and ambient styles creates an enchanting musical experience.

Nick Nash - Fortress of Gold (Official Video)

Nick Nash came to my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions about three weeks ago with his extraordinary latest full-length album, "Fortress of Gold," released in 2019. While I have always been a dedicated metalhead, my musical palate extends beyond the confines of one genre. Over the past decade, I have found solace in easy-going and atmospheric music, providing an escape from the complexities of daily life. Upon discovering Nick Nash's music, it immediately evoked memories of revered artists from my personal playlists, such as Bon Iver, Jeremy Messersmith, and Iron & Wine.

Nash's approach to music distinguishes him from the aforementioned artists. He embraces a more traditional and country-oriented style, infused with his own unique spirit. The prevailing vibe in his compositions is consistently positive and inspiring, reminiscent of the captivating energy found in Tori Amos's work. Each track on "Fortress of Gold" exudes a tranquil atmosphere, capable of seamlessly fitting into the soundtrack of an American movie. This album is an exquisite testament to Nick Nash's potential, showcasing his mellifluous voice, irresistible ambiance, and enchanting energy. It is simply beautiful.

Nick Nash, artist photo. Credit: Unknown

"Fortress of Gold" showcases impeccable technical standards and musicianship throughout. The production is clean, clear, and natural, exemplifying the meticulous engineering and production efforts that went into creating this masterpiece. The richness of the instrumentation adds depth and dimension to every track, creating a sumptuous sonic experience. In the realm of alternative music, "Fortress of Gold" stands out as one of the most exceptional albums I have encountered. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Nick Nash, the additional musicians, and the producer for their outstanding work on this brilliant album.

Considering all these aspects, I am thoroughly impressed by Nick Nash and his musical prowess. "Fortress of Gold" may not be the album that propels him into the upper echelons of his career, but it is undoubtedly an achievement that Nick Nash can take pride in for a lifetime. The third track, "Fortress of Gold," has already earned its rightful place in our esteemed Top Alternative Songs Playlist on Spotify.

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Nick Nash, artist photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, we, the Metalhead Community Team, wholeheartedly congratulate Nick Nash for his remarkable accomplishment on "Fortress of Gold." We extend our best wishes for his future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Nick Nash, Fortress of Gold (2019). Art Credit: Unknown


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