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Today we are featuring another promising alternative music artist; Nick Nash, from the USA. We have reviewed his amazing album; Fortress of Gold, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Nick Nash is another promising indie/alternative/ambient music artist I have discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions about three weeks ago with his amazing latest full-length album; Fortress of Gold, which was released in 2019. I have always been a big-time metalhead. However, it never stopped me from enjoying different styles of music such as classical, pop (from time to time), jazz, instrumental, indie, alternative, acoustic and ambient music. For over the last ten years I started to listen to easy-going and atmospheric music more and more. It helps me to relax by switching off the real world for some time, forgetting about my daily routine. When I first listened to Nick Nash, his music immediately reminded me of some artists that I admire and listen to on my daily playlists such as Bon Iver, Jeremy Messersmith, and Iron & Wine.

Nick Nash has a slightly different approach to music than all these artists I have mentioned above. He is much more traditional and country-oriented with a delicious filter of his spirit. The general vibe is always positive and inspiring, which also reminded me of Tori Amos. Compositions are mostly easy-going, focusing more on the general vibe. I totally loved Nick Nash’s music, enjoyed listening to his album a few times on repeat today. All of these songs can easily become a movie soundtrack, especially for American movies. This surely is a very successful piece of work. Nick Nash is showing great potential with his mellow voice, irresistible atmosphere and magical energy in his every song. Simply beautiful.


Fortress of Gold technically has top-class standards in every way, as well as its musicality. Everything sounds clean, clear, natural, very well engineered, produced and most importantly in great harmony. The instrumentation is always rich, every single element was put together deliciously. Fortress of Gold is one of the greatest albums I have listened to in this specific genre. I’d like to congratulate Nick Nash, additional musicians and his producer for this brilliant work.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I am well impressed by Nick Nash. Fortress of Gold might not be the album that will carry Nick Nash to the top league in his career, yet it’s the album that will make Nick proud all his life. The third track of the album; Fortress of Gold has immediately earned its place in our Top Alternative Songs Playlist on Spotify!

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Nick Nash – Fortress of Gold Album Review | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine

In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Nick Nash for his remarkable job on; Fortress of Gold, and wish him the very best in his future. Thanks for reading.

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