Motionsick - Sisyphus - Song Review - Alternative Screamo Rock from Tyrol, Austria

Motionsick - Sisyphus - Song Review - Alternative Screamo Rock from Tyrol, Austria

Today, we feature Motionsick, one of the most promising young collectives from Tyrol, Austria. In this article, I analyzed one of the standout tracks, Sisyphus, from their debut studio album; The Inner Side, which was released on February 10, 2023.

Motionsick - Sisyphus (Official Music Video)

Video by: We FeelMusic and Lyrics by: MotionsickProduced by: Raphael Neikes (Moonwalker Productions), Manuel Renner (Überlärm)Mixed and Mastered by: Manuel Renner (Überlärm)Published by: Rasselbande Records

Another surreal Friday morning finds me in my mental simulation in Lucerne, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views while I immerse myself in the captivating sounds of an Austrian collective and their explosive yet unaustrian-sounding song; "Sisyphus" (the founder and first king of Ephyra/Corinth) from their debut studio album; The Inner Side.

Foremost, "Sisyphus" stands out for its mesmerizing production standards that breathe life into a unique blend of rock influences, forming a promising foundation that introduces Motionsick to the world in the most respectable way possible. The song imprints a strong impression on the listener's mind due to its magical atmosphere and energy, genuinely paving the way to the next song on the album. The live-sounding energy of the song makes every second consistently exciting, stirring deep emotions due to its headroom, performances, and dynamic range. Consequently, the band is now deservedly considered to be one of the most impressive rock sounds from Austria that I have come across in some time, and this is only their debut.

Motionsick also deserves immense appreciation for their musical concept and vision. Their musical foundation is a blend of various subgenres such as psychedelic, alternative, punk, screamo, and progressive rock, showing real potential for international recognition. The music is centered around their individual performances, underpinned by a breathing atmosphere and ambiance where the producer masterfully highlights both instrumentation and vocals simultaneously. One of the two main characters in "Sisyphus" is the slow-burning psychedelic rock part reminiscent of a visionary combination of Tool and Korn, both in terms of guitar tones and atmosphere. The visionary approach here catches your attention once and positions itself in a place of many possibilities. I am personally convinced by the musical concept of Motionsick after listening to their one song as someone who has never been a punk rock listener myself.

In terms of mythological context, Sisyphus is a figure from Greek mythology condemned by Hades to eternally roll a boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down each time he nears the top. This punishment was a result of his deceitfulness. The story of Sisyphus has been interpreted in various ways throughout history but is often seen as a metaphor for futile effort or meaningless labor.

Motionsick, band photoPhoto credit: Unknown

While I am personally convinced that 'Sisyphus' is a remarkably successful work with all its imperfections, the specific 'screamo' vocals might face resistance from listeners who are less inclined towards this vocal style. Consequently, the vocal style serves as one of the most subjective elements in their music and may well be the deciding factor for listeners.

Motionsick, band photoPhoto credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the experience of listening to Motionsick and discovering them with their debut album has been a great pleasure. World-class production with timeless qualities, masterfully blending progressive and psychedelic rock influences with screamo, punk rock, and alternative rock, an exciting foundation with massive possibilities. Thanks for reading this further, I hope you enjoy “Sisyphus” as much as I did.

Motionsick, The Inner Side (2023) Album Front Cover Artwork Art Credit: Unknown

Motionsick is...

Raphael Hess ( Lead vocals/ Rhythm guitar)Pablo Zwischenberger (Lead guitar)Gabriel Zwischenberger (Bass)Kajetan Abber (Drums)

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