Moron Police - Captain Awkward - Song Review - Progressive Pop Rock from Norway

Moron Police - Captain Awkward - Song Review - Progressive Pop Rock from Norway
Moron Police - Captain Awkward - Song Review - Progressive Pop Rock from Norway

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Moron Police, an exceptional progressive pop-rock band hailing from Norway. Join us as we explore their fascinating song 'Captain Awkward' and delve into their single album release of the same title, which came out in 2019.

Captain Awkward (Official Music Video). “Captain Awkward” is the third single from Moron Police and their long-awaited comeback-album “A Boat on the Sea”. Contributors: Directed and Animated by Daniel Moreno. Characters Design and Animation by Caterina "Kato" Angeloni (El Gato Productions). Written and Produced by Kropka

Moron Police stands out as a promising band with their unique blend of progressive pop-rock, which I discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions. Defying traditional genre categorization, this band deftly maneuvers through musical boundaries and showcases a style that goes far beyond the standard pop-rock label.

'Captain Awkward' is a powerful statement that provides deep insights into the band's abilities, objectives, vision, and musical understanding. The song is a progressive rock marvel, brimming with captivating ideas that evoke memories of the early days of Dream Theater—artists renowned for their penchant for thinking outside the box. I must express my profound admiration for Moron Police's creation; it has the potential to be the beginning of something extraordinary.

Time and time again, I emphasize how bands can make a difference through their innovative approach to music. Moron Police is the epitome of nonconformity. They are undoubtedly advanced musicians, effortlessly merging contrasting elements from various music styles. This magnificent combination results in an unusual and captivating sound. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Rush and other old-fashioned progressive rock bands, Moron Police deserves recognition for their courage and the super inspiring work they have presented to the world.

While 'Captain Awkward' may not possess a top-class or authentic sound quality and production, it retains enough appeal to convey its energy effectively. The traditional prog-rock sound employed is familiar to us all, which adds an intriguing dimension. On one hand, Moron Police expertly weaves together medleys, drawing from pop, prog, rock, and even elements reminiscent of Asian cartoon soundtracks. This innovative approach communicates a powerful message about their artistic vision. However, on the other hand, the band chose to maintain a standard and traditional sound.

Considering these factors, I believe Moron Police has the potential to become an authentic band in the future. Their music impresses us, and the examples I've highlighted above demonstrate their room for growth. With visionary thinking and professional guidance, they possess the capacity to reach great heights.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Moron Police for their amazing work on 'Captain Awkward.' We wish them continued success and the very best in their future endeavors. Thanks for reading.

Moron Police, Captain Awkward (2019) single front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown