Moran Ron Baron - Amused - Song Review - Progressive Jazz Rock from Israel

Moran Ron Baron - Amused - Song Review - Progressive Jazz Rock from Israel
Moran Ron Baron - Amused - Song Review - Progressive Jazz Rock from Israel

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Moran Ron Baron, an important upcoming artist in the realm of progressive jazz-rock, hailing from Israel. His latest song, 'Amused,' has caught my attention and shows great promise.

Amused (Official Music Video). Moran ron baron - composition/lyrics /vocals/bass/trombones/keys/guitars. rotem az ogen / drums /lyrics /studio tech. oren latz / mix&mastering. yoav gat/ video. prashanth/video editing

Moran Ron Baron is a truly unique and impressive artist within the realms of jazz and progressive rock. I came across his work through Metalhead Community Submissions approximately two weeks ago, and 'Amused,' his debut release, immediately captivated me. This single, which shares the same title as the album, was released in 2019 and reveals the artist's remarkable talents in composition, style, and musical ideas. This one song alone speaks volumes about the brilliant mind behind it.

Prior to writing this article, I delved deeper into Moran's musical journey. As a multi-instrumentalist jazz artist, he embarked on his solo career with this single release. To be honest, I did not anticipate such high standards from an up-and-coming artist, and I am truly impressed by his profound understanding of music. With finesse and tastefulness, he skillfully combines various genres, delivering a phenomenal track to the world. When you listen attentively, you will witness the meticulous craftsmanship employed in putting all the elements together. In my eyes, Moran is akin to the jazz version of Steven Wilson—a complete musician who possesses remarkable potential and the ability to influence fellow artists, reminiscent of the way Rush once did.

From a technical standpoint, 'Amused' showcases exceptional standards. The sound is pristine, clear, and atmospheric, skillfully balanced and mixed to perfection. Achieving such non-standard works often demands more specific production techniques than traditional rock music, and Moran Ron Baron and his team have triumphed in creating this beautiful piece of art. Taking all these factors into account, it is evident that this debut release is a fantastic achievement, one that will undoubtedly make Moran Ron Baron proud throughout his lifetime.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Moran Ron Baron for his exceptional work on 'Amused,' and wishes him continued success in his future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Moran Ron Baron, music art poster. Credit: Unknown


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