Minus Ten Thousand Hours - Problematic - Song Review - Alternative Rock from Dublin, Ireland

Minus Ten Thousand Hours - Problematic - Song Review - Alternative Rock from Dublin, Ireland
Minus Ten Thousand Hours - Problematic - Song Review - Alternative Rock from Dublin, Ireland

Today, we shine a spotlight on Minus Ten Thousand Hours, an impressive stoner/alternative rock band hailing from Dublin, Ireland. In this review, we delve into their captivating piece, "Problematic," exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Minus Ten Thousand Hours is a promising alternative rock band that I discovered approximately two months ago with their impressive song, "Problematic," released as a standalone single in 2019. Since their active debut in 2016 with the full album "IGTKMBFFSIKHDD," the band has embarked on a new direction, opting for single releases. As you listen to their music, I invite you to read on and explore the depth of their artistry.

"Problematic" showcases Minus Ten Thousand Hours' remarkable potential, with their expert instrumentation and genuine approach, evident in their music video—an aspect I find crucial. As someone immersed in music, I encounter countless submissions accompanied by generic music videos, underscoring the need for proper guidance in the visual medium. However, "Problematic" breaks the mold with an exceptional example that transcends the need for a big budget. I am truly blown away by the band's ability to enter the studio, channeling their music without pretense, and exuding an irresistible drive and energy throughout. Furthermore, the clever use of divided screens and subtle humor elevates the impact. This music video alone left an indelible impression on me, leading me to accept their submission without hesitation.

The band encompasses everything one desires in a band: dynamism, energy, sincerity, and a laser focus on their music. While "Problematic" may not become an instant hit, it serves as a prime example to gain insight into the band's potential, musical style, instrumentation, and capabilities. Personally, I adore every aspect of this piece. Its raw and gritty sound aligns perfectly with the band's appearance and performance in the video. Moreover, they differentiate themselves through their toning and instrumentation, avoiding both standard and overly complex approaches. These Irish gentlemen embodies the spirit of Motorhead, making their mark through sheer drive.

Technically, "Problematic" is a meticulously crafted song that deserves acclaim. Every element resonates with a powerful intensity, offering a sound that is dirty, clear, natural, dynamic, and expertly balanced. This exceptional production quality is a key factor in the song's success. Congratulations are in order for the band, recording engineer, producer, and director, as they have executed a brilliant job.

Taking everything into account, I am thoroughly impressed by Minus Ten Thousand Hours. As an admirer of their music, I offer a word of advice to the band: study this video meticulously, noting the qualities that make Minus Ten Thousand Hours unique and exceptional. Incorporate these characteristics into your future projects. I am highly optimistic about the band's musical and creative journey.

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In conclusion, on behalf of the Metalhead Community Team, we extend our congratulations to Minus Ten Thousand Hours for their exceptional work on "Problematic." We wish them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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