Mikewdennis - Black Web - Song Review - Symphonic Horror Metal from Orrville, Ohio, USA

Mikewdennis - Black Web - Song Review - Symphonic Horror Metal from Orrville, Ohio, USA

Today we are featuring a promising symphonic horror metal artist, Mikewdennis, from Orrville, Ohio, USA, with, "Black Web", his latest single. Mikewdennis is a talented composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, started his solo career with a studio album called Transnominoback in 2020. Since that time, the band released two more studio albums; Lost In Another World (2020) and The Roots (2021), and three singles; Number 7 (2020), 8th Deadly Sin (2021), and Black Web (2020). In my book, Mikewdennis deserves all the respect there is for his discography and consistency. He came to my attention with his latest release and I'll share with you my honest opinion below.

Mikewdennis, press photo

I listened to Black Web more than a few times, watched the video carefully, and went into their social accounts to check on their feed. I am listening to new music every day for almost seven years now. From time to time I come across amazing talents who, for some reason, are not aware that their technical standards are below their musicality, and making music simply doesn't pay off their work in return. Would it be unnecessarily honest to say this is how I feel about Mikewdennis' new release Black Web?

First of all, I want everybody to be sure of one thing, Mikewdennis is a fantastic guitar player. That's a fact. I am playing guitar and playing mostly metal for around 25 years, and this guy impressed me with his capability both as a guitar player and a composer, simply because I can't play at this level. Black Web is a monster in the progressive guitar music genre for me, yet again outlined because of its technical standards which I will go into details about later on.

Moreover, the song is really impressive with its theme, which happened to be one of my favorites. Mikewdennis here has a theme such as the Ghost's but applies it with death, symphonic, progressive metal, and technical guitar music. I am aware that this is a subjective thing to say, but it worked on me. For instance, I loved the opening in the music video even though the filming was very poorly filmed and produced for me. There's absolutely nothing standard in the composition, standards are just not good enough for Mikewdennis. He is a shredder, and his musicality in Black Web represents him properly.

Vocals gave me the right signal with their approach, tone, style, attitude, and talent. I would simply listen to Mikewdennis' singing in death metal, as I have enjoyed listening to him on this song. In Black Web, I really liked his performance and everything that I have heard about it.

Mikewdennis, artist photo with his Jackson guitar

On the other side of the coin, Mikewdennis has significant weaknesses in his work, which begins with the technical part of his music. I'm afraid this song doesn't have the necessary industry standards for a good listening experience, let aside beating other established sounds out there.

First of all, I can see and respect the effort in Mikewdennis's characteristics and personality of his sound. He's got post-metal inside his music mainly because of this, where we also know that this is symphonic horror metal.

People mostly listen to music on digital platforms such as Spotify, an ocean of music where you can find millions of songs. In time, we all developed nothing less than perfect expectations from anybody who releases new music.

The visual representation of Mikewdennis is quite poorly done for me, I'm afraid I also have to add this one to this list. I just didn't like any of their graphics, poor quality in filmings and press photos.

Everything that I mentioned as "weakness" here means actually one thing, Mikewdennis's visuals and technical standards are way below compared to his musicality. I know it cause I can imagine listening to this song with Ihsahn's standards. It could have been one of the significant death metal releases lately if it was recorded and produced by the right person.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to Mikewdennis. Impressive talent, fantastic musicianship, promising horror theme, vintage death metal origins, progressive/technical metal composition, with, unfortunately, poor production.

Metalhead Community congratulates Mikewdennis for his latest single; "Black Web", and wishes him the very best in his future careers. Thank you for reading.

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