Mike Massey - Count Dracula's Guitar - Song Review - 70s Acoustic Guitar Music from Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Mike Massey - Count Dracula's Guitar - Song Review - 70s Acoustic Guitar Music from Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Today, I am reviewing “Count Dracula’s Guitar” by Mike Massey, a 70s acoustic music artist from Jackson, Mississippi, USA, released on October 21, 2022.

Mike Massey - Count Dracula's Guitar (Official Video)

I fell in love with guitars when I was a kid, and one thing that never changed after all these years is the joy I get whenever I listen to music with acoustic guitars. This special instrument holds the magic to make any music beautiful and listenable, regardless of whether you're playing your own or someone else's song. This was the first thing that came to me when I started listening to Mike Massey's inspirational music for the first time, which I was introduced to with his latest single, Count Dracula's Guitar, a 70s acoustic guitar music with country, folk, and alternative rock influences.

First of all, the song stands out for its simplicity and familiar character of one acoustic guitar and vocals, tracked live in a conventional way and finalized as unprocessed as possible, which is more than enough sometimes. The end result has the charm of real music, and it was Mike Massey's approach that made it "timeless."

On the musical side, Mike Massey has familiar sounding 70s influences in its origins, and the music is immediately recognizable. Although the main influences in this music are beyond my knowledge, it sounds familiar as we know it from Western/American country rock, or almost any other American rock and metal music that we know today.

On the technical side, although I don't have precise information about how the song was tracked, mixed, and produced, I can say that it deserves respect and admiration for its end result. The playability value of the song is massive, and Count Dracula's Guitar has all the qualities to become a hit in American rock and country radios without hesitation. The decisive moment in this case for me was the fact that the song was recorded in conventional ways; entirely performed live even maybe without a metronome. It is quite a flawless job if you don't mind imperfection in life in general.

Lastly, the song shows so much potential for its lyrics and story, which is truly admirable. Mike Massey has already convinced me as an impressive singer-songwriter and storyteller. Although I've never been into music written about guitars, Count Dracula's Guitar could be one of the most inspirational songs written about a guitar. I've found so much joy and inspiration in the lyrics, the poem, probably the third and the last exquisite quality that made Count Dracula's Guitar a timeless song.

Mike Massey, artist photo Credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I can only comment on technical issues about Mike Massey's work rather than his art. I believe that great producers are those who intervene as little as possible and yet make a big impact in the end. Although I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Count Dracula's Guitar, the touch of a visionary producer could make a big difference in the final product.

Additionally, I have to admit that I didn't watch the video, but instead only followed the lyrics through YouTube captions. However, the video didn't seem relevant and wouldn't be something that you would want to follow in 2023, to be completely honest. Apparently, it was put together with some amateur footage and stock images. Personally, I would prefer to see a still vintage photo and listen to the music instead.

Lastly, I'm afraid that Mike Massey's professional career is suffering from his weak brand value, which could potentially overshadow his craftsmanship. I believe that he lacks the necessary representation that he needs to succeed.

Mike Massey, artist photo Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, listening to "Count Dracula's Guitar" was a great pleasure and truly inspiring for its storytelling. A charming and unprocessed acoustic guitar music with influences from 70s country and gentleman's rock, great vocals with character, and deeply inspiring storytelling. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy Mike Massey's music.

Mike Massey, Count Dracula's Guitar (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork Art Credit: Unknown

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