Mick Jagger teaches his fans how to survive this quarantine

Mick Jagger teaches his fans how to survive this quarantine
Mick Jagger teaches his fans how to survive this quarantine

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, actions to lend a hand vary in every way, from donations of chinstraps, awareness campaigns, or benefit concerts to combat Covid-19. But Mick Jagger, singer of the Rolling Stones, which is one of the best known bands in the heavy metal history; decided to lend a hand in an unusual way and with a satirical tone to get some laughs.

The legendary musician decided to record a video as if it were the 1950s in the style of the "tutorials" of that time. In it, Jagger is seen doing various household chores while a reporter explains things that can be done in quarantine.

Many seem to have been discouraged in quarantine, but not Mick Jagger's humor. Image credit: Unknown

This video shows never-before-seen facets of the vocalist such as when he is seen tending his roses, fixing a door, or even herding a flock of sheep. He is also seen exercising and enjoying reading with his cat.

In the video, Jagger, from his French farm where he meets social and preventive isolation, shows how to perform multiple activities, such as fixing the motor that has not worked for a long time, dedicating himself to cooking, grazing sheep, pruning roses, and even exercising.

But the video, called "How to quarantine", is only a tool that Mick Jagger, used to publicize his fans and followers about an NGO he sponsors: "Save The Children".

This is not the first cause Mick Jagger has supported, being known to support several philanthropic organizations. Image Credits: Unknown

The agency seeks to raise funds to help children most in need during a time as difficult as the pandemic. In addition to the fundraising meeting, the Rolling Stones continue to upload chapters from their weekly “Extra Licks” series to YouTube, where each video shows live and behind-the-scenes performances from the concerts. The last 2 are recaps of how the 1994 Voodoo Lounge Tour and 2016 Latin America Ole tours went.

Certainly the video made by Jagger, is quite iconic in this quarantine era; the video was announced as mentioned above on Jimmy Fallon's show. There we see Jagger, who appears playing the guitar in a calm way and at one point the announcer asked the singer to do something useful in this quarantine.

Mick Jagger in a concert as a charity cause for Nepal victims. Picture credits: Video Capture

At that moment he changes his attitude, he leaves his guitar aside, and he starts to repair a door, fix a car engine, take care of plants, do gymnastics and even walk his dogs, among other issues. Simply with these actions the artists of heavy metal history motivate a lot of people during this quarantine.

And just like Jagger, a lot of artists have supported different causes of the quarantine, either with live concerts like Metallica, with online classes like Anthrax or with donations like countless actresses, actors, musicians and politicians have done.

With all the satire in the middle of the show, he shows us a 50's style video, where Jagger motivates to do something good in quarantine.

Video Credit: Jimmy Fallon's Show