Maxthor - No One's Gonna Save Us - Song Review & Interview - Retro Futuristic Synth Rock from Madrid, Spain

Maxthor - No One's Gonna Save Us - Song Review & Interview - Retro Futuristic Synth Rock from Madrid, Spain
Maxthor - No One's Gonna Save Us - Song Review & Interview - Retro Futuristic Synth Rock from Madrid, Spain

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Maxthor, a promising artist in the realm of synth rock, hailing from Madrid, Spain. Join us as we explore his captivating song, "No One's Gonna Save Us," delving into its character, style, story, and boundless potential.

Maxthor - No One's Gonna Save Us (Official Audio)

Maxthor is an innovative synth/pop-rock artist who caught my attention approximately a month ago with his addictive song, "No One's Gonna Save Us." Released as a single in 2019, this track immediately transported me back to my childhood, evoking a sense of nostalgia—a testament to Maxthor's artistic vision. In this regard, he shares a path with the highly successful band/project Daft Punk. I wholeheartedly recommend listening to his song as you continue reading.

"No One's Gonna Save Us" stands as a remarkable piece of work, boasting a magical atmosphere, irresistible energy, and a delightful infusion of '90s vibes. Lately, we have witnessed numerous bands and artists remixing, covering, or reimagining '90s disco hits, including the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Maroon 5. Undeniably, this trend has gained immense popularity. However, what sets Maxthor apart is his innovative approach. Rather than simply following someone else's path, he daringly blends disco, pop, and rock influences together, a fusion that truly impresses. As exemplified by his substantial streaming numbers, Maxthor has undeniably achieved remarkable success within his genre.

The allure of "No One's Gonna Save Us" lies not only in its overall feel and rock'n'roll vibes but also in its modernized traditional instrumentation. The melodies are infectiously addictive, etching themselves into the listener's memory after a single play. The song possesses a familiar yet refreshing quality, a testament to Maxthor's unique perspective and artistic brilliance.

Maxthor, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

From a technical standpoint, "No One's Gonna Save Us" exhibits top-class standards in every aspect. It comes as no surprise that this meticulous attention to detail contributes to its resounding success. The production quality is superb, with clean and clear soundscapes that harmonize seamlessly. The song's energy exudes a magnetic pull, effortlessly drawing listeners into Maxthor's musical world. Taking all these factors into account, I am deeply impressed by Maxthor's style, profound understanding of music, and immense potential. He showcases remarkable professionalism both in his music and overall brand. Undoubtedly, this song will propel him further in his career, attracting a legion of dedicated fans to his vibrant universe.

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Maxthor, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

Q1 - Hi! Congratulations on your latest single release “No One’s Gonna Save Us”! How is the feedback so far?

Thanks! The feedback has exceeded my expectations so far. I'm receiving a lot of messages from my followers showing their support and also I can tell the song is reaching a more rock/metal oriented audience who are now discovering my music. I couldn't be happier.

Q2- How was the recording process? Where did you record the song? What were the most challenging factors?

As every Maxthor track, this one mixes acoustic and electronic instruments. Synths, bass and some percussion elements are purely electronic but I like them to have an analog touch. That's why I'm using real vintage synths to record the new tracks, mostly a Kurzweil K2000. Besides these elements, I'm recording guitars using a Yamaha valve amp. You'll find a lot of guitar layers on this one, clean and distorted. The drumkit is also a combination of electronic sounds and acoustic drums. And the last step is recording vocals. Everything is recorded at my own studio. As you see, every track goes through a long process. I'd say the most challenging factor is blending the acoustic and electronic parts together so everything sounds coherent.

Q3 – No One’s Gonna Save Us is the second single release by Maxthor in 2019. Should we expect an EP or an LP in the nearest future? What was the reason you have decided to make a single release but not an album in the first place?

I'll release my new LP in early 2020. I like sharing a couple of songs as singles so people get familiar with the sound they're gonna find on the album. Also, I think it's important to keep the audience engaged so I've been releasing singles and covers since I launched my debut album in 2016.

Q4 - What is the best thing about writing a new song? or releasing a new album?

To be honest, the best thing is that once you release your stuff you're free to start working on new tracks, hehe. Albums always help to define the project's concept so every new release allows the artist to explore his/her sound and to add complexity to the band's identity. Every song you write brings you closer to your "ideal" sound.

Q5 – What can you say to us about the “No One’s Gonna Save Us” release? What makes is special? And what Maxthor has achieved with this release?

This track is very important to me as it's a good example of the general sound of the album. I wanted the guitars to be more present on my new songs, achieving that feeling you get when you listen to a metal track but with the addition of synths and electronic basses that make the sound stronger and unique. I know this style is not for everyone but I'm happy to see people is listening to it leaving their prejudices aside.

Q6 – Could you say this is the Ultimate Maxthor style? What can you tell us about the musical direction of Maxthor?

I guess the project will evolve in the next releases but I'm very satisfied with this direction. I've always been a metalhead and I love synths too so I feel really comfortable with this crossover between genres. One of the main reasons for this evolution is that we started playing live shows as a band recently with Pablo (drums) and Joaquin (keyboards) joining the project. I can tell the musical direction of Maxthor is heading to a full band sound.

Q7 - What makes a music band “Great”, in your opinion?

I guess what makes a band stand out is achieving a unique sound. I love when a band plays its own genre instead of repeating formulas. I think the best way to achieve that is by listening to a lot of different artists and bands and trying to make the music you'd like to listen to but you haven't found it yet. If it doesn't exist, take the risk and do it yourself.

Q8 – Top 5 albums which influenced Maxthor’s music?

-Dio "The Last in Line".

-Michael Cretu "The Invisible Man".

-Iron Maiden "Somewhere in Time".

-Modern Talking "In the Middle of Nowhere".

-Survivor "Eye of the Tiger".

Q9 – Which bands you’d like to play live or tour with?

There are many artists and bands I admire. One of my favorite ones in the Synthrock scene is LeBrock, I really like how they use guitars and heavy vocals on their music so it would be great to share the stage with them. Also, I can't wait for playing live with my friend Nightcrawler, who is a super talented Spanish producer. And, of course, playing in a big metal festival would be a dream come true.

Q10 - Tell us about Maxthor’s future plans.

My immediate plan is releasing the album and start playing live shows, so I hope 2020 is a busy year.

Q11 - Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers?

Hope you enjoy my music and thanks Metalhead Community for your support!

Maxthor - No One's Gonna Save Us (2019) single front cover artwork. Released November 8, 2019. Music, lyrics & vocals by Maxthor. Mastered by Xergio Córdoba at Eternal Midnight Mastering. Cover design by Cynthia Nudel. Published by Lost Worlds Records (LW05)