Matty Shreds feat. Lukas Rossi - Into the Unknown - Song Review - Modern Melodic Post-Rock from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Matty Shreds feat. Lukas Rossi - Into the Unknown - Song Review - Modern Melodic Post-Rock from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Today I am writing about a promising modern melodic post-rock project of Matty Shreds and Lukas Rossi, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with, Into the Unknown, one of their singles released in 2022.

Into the Unknown (Official Music Video)

Videography by: Curt Geneau and Amanda NailMixed/Mastered by: Matty ShredsProduced by: Matty Shreds, Lukas Rossi & Tyler Brayton

Into the Unknown is a successful combination of definable character, vision, and production quality. Once these gentlemen make music together, they mean something special than they are separately, so their project has the potential to become internationally known in the future.

The work, in general, has so much similarity with mainstream emo bands out there, which can deceive you, like it did for me. Although my first impression was distant for some reason, couldn't resist the fairness their work deserves. Into the Unknown is simply a powerful rock hit with modern production, vision, talent, and character.

The collective plays a crucial role directly in the potential of the project with their personalities. Matty Shreds is the intelligence and wisdom behind the project, writing music, producing, and managing it while Lukas Rossi adds distinguishing characteristic with his impressive voice, attitude, style, and character. They are both gifted, smart, and strong characters, Into the Unknown proves that to the world.

Musically, the song doesn't have much innovation to offer, rather following a traditional path, reminded me of Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars. In this way, the duo's music sits on a sensitive balance between being commercial or keeping it in the respective standards of the music community.

On the other side of the coin, the emo image and concept of the project didn't represent Matty Shreds and Lukas Rossi properly, rather like any other band in the mainstream rock/metal genre. They are much more than this, in my opinion, so the branding and concept has failed the job with me.

Also, the strategical direction of the duo will decide their future. I don't listen to mainstream rock and metal music, but always appreciated what Linkin Park did.

No matter what, I have to admit that I had a great time listening to Matty Shreds and Lukas Rossi's song; Into the Unknown. Well-polished and produced modern melodic rock hit with promising character, vision, and production, similar to Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars. Thanks for reading.


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