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Favourite song: Steambreather
Favourite deep cut: Andromeda
Favourite solo: Roots Remain
Favourite riff: Sultan’s Curse
Favourite lyric: “violence born within my mind” – Steambreather

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It’s not right that I haven’t reviewed Mastodon yet, who’re easily the best conceptual metal band of all time.
Brent, Troy, Bill and Brann are insanely talented and down to earth musicians. Brent played on three albums in 2017, Troy and Brann both featured on two albums in 2017. The fact that these guys can be so busy, while also having dealt with so much in their personal lives, really shows how personal music is to them. They show that no matter how good an album is, it always reaches the next level when you find out how passionate the musicians are.

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I don’t know many bands that have two singers, let alone three singers who all play an instrument in the band. Troy is honestly one of the greatest frontman of all time, live he has this personality about him that is so intense. His bass really cuts through in this album and adds a depth to the fuzzy guitars and the intensely rhythmical drums. Brent is one crazy motherfucker, and his solos are even crazier – they’re so raw and unique, yet fit in seamlessly with the rest of the song. Bill commands the riffs amazingly, providing a really solid guitar section for the music. Nothing really needs to be said about Brann, because his drumming says it all – and if it doesn’t speak of the best metal drummer then you’re not listening properly.

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The album doesn’t seem to stop, and is full steam ahead form track 1. The intros to songs like “Roots Remain” give an interesting dynamic, it puts you in a weird headspace before pulling you back out with the thundering riffs, then taking you back to this dream like climax. The combination of sludge, stoner, and alternative metal elements on top of the progressive foundation allows the band to bring all these really unique and experimental elements into the music, like samples and percussion etc., to really emphasize the story behind the album. Best metal album of 2017. Best conceptual metal album ever.

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