Mark Tiarra - Better Days - Song Review - Progressive Rock from New Jersey, USA

Mark Tiarra - Better Days - Song Review - Progressive Rock from New Jersey, USA
Mark Tiarra - Better Days - Song Review - Progressive Rock from New Jersey, USA

Today, we are honored to feature the promising progressive rock artist Mark Tiarra, hailing from New Jersey, USA. In this review, we will delve into his song, Better Days, exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Mark Tiarra is an impressive artist whom I discovered two months ago through his exciting single, Better Days, released in 2020. For those unfamiliar with Mark's work, he began his career with the full-length album Walking the White Lie (2014). Since then, he and his band have released two more albums, I Think Therefore I Jam (2017) and Sometimes I Sing (2019), along with seven singles: All in Me (2020), Everytime I See Your Face (2020), Secrets Keep Me Warm (2020), I Am My Scars (2020), We'll Be Waiting (2020), I'll Come Out Alive (2020), and Better Days (2020). I invite you to listen to the song as we embark on this review.

Mark Tiarra undeniably stands out as an artist, making a significant impact with his instrumentation, innovative ideas, intelligent compositions, advanced musicianship, and extensive discography. He skillfully combines elements of old-school hard rock, progressive rock, and modern rock to create a unique style that perfectly complements his charisma, musical character, and voice. Better Days is an immensely satisfying song that diverges from current musical trends—a quality deserving of utmost respect. Having grown up listening to old-school prog rock bands, I can confidently say that Mark's music encapsulates the best aspects of the genre. Defining his style and limiting his innovative work in this song proves to be quite challenging. Moreover, the song showcases exceptional musicality, featuring remarkable guitar licks and solos, undoubtedly influenced by guitar virtuosos such as Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, and Marco Sfogli.

Furthermore, I must commend Mark Tiarra's vocal work. It is evident that he did not simply create a standard song idea and add his guitar prowess to it. Rather, the song developed holistically, maintaining a beautiful balance between all its elements. The energy throughout the track captivates listeners' attention from start to finish. In summary, a truly remarkable job!

From a technical standpoint, Better Days meets my high standards as well. Some may argue that there is room for improvement in terms of music production, and I acknowledge that perspective. However, what makes Mark Tiarra's music intriguing is the distinct signature it possesses, particularly in its technical aspects. As a music fan, I would opt to listen to this version over any other production adhering to world-class standards.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly impressed by Mark Tiarra. His musicianship and craftsmanship leave no room for criticism. In my opinion, his music deserves significant recognition, and I have no doubt that he will achieve great things if he maintains his standards and continues to create exceptional music.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends our warm congratulations to Mark Tiarra for his work on Better Days and wishes him continued success in his future career. Thank you for reading.



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