Manntra - Oyka! - Album Review - Industrial Folk Rock / Metal from Umag, Croatia

Manntra - Oyka! - Album Review - Industrial Folk Rock / Metal from Umag, Croatia
Manntra - Oyka! - Album Review - Industrial Folk Rock / Metal from Umag, Croatia

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Manntra, a promising industrial folk metal band hailing from Umag, Croatia. In this review, we will explore their latest studio album, Oyka!, delving into its character, style, story, potential, and more.

I discovered Manntra two months ago through Submithub submissions and was immediately captivated by their new album, Oyka!, released in 2019. Since their inception in 2014, Manntra has consistently impressed with their releases. They began their musical journey with the album "Horizont" in 2014, followed by three more full-length albums: "Venera" in 2016, "Meridian" in 2017, and "Oyka!" in 2019. As you continue reading, I encourage you to immerse yourself in the album, allowing its intricate melodies and powerful energy to transport you.

Manntra is an extraordinary collective, producing music that brims with authenticity and promises a bright future. They skillfully merge Balcanic folk music elements with powerful industrial metal influences, resulting in a deliciously refreshing and irresistible music style. If I were a music label executive, I would sign them in an instant. The world is hungry for such original music, possessing the potential to make a resounding impact. Perhaps my words will spark a million-dollar idea, and someone will seize the opportunity. Although folk music isn't typically within my listening repertoire, I found it impossible to resist the level of creativity and originality in Manntra's music. While they possess a distinct style, their incorporation of progressive elements caught me by surprise. For years, we have known Rammstein as the leaders of their genre, industrial metal. In the case of Manntra, there are similarities to Rammstein, as they can be seen as the Rammstein of Croatia. However, it is important to note that Manntra is not mere imitators; they boast a musical richness surpassing Rammstein, incorporating diverse ideas and instruments. Throughout the album, there are moments where the infusion of progressive elements may momentarily confuse the listener, prompting them to question whether they are listening to a Croatian industrial folk metal band or Opeth.

The band deserves immense respect for their fantastic discography. Despite their mainstream-oriented approach, they have not resorted to releasing singles alone as a shortcut to fame. This aspect alone garnered my respect. Their latest album, Oyka!, is an epic offering comprising 13 tracks, showcasing their incredible potential not only through their musical blend but also their progressive ideas, groovy rhythms, infectious hooks, addictive vibes, top-class production, and the commanding vocals of their vocalist. Prior to writing this review, I listened to the full album multiple times, as is my customary practice. It is a testament to their musicianship and technical prowess, a masterpiece that warrants the countless views and streaming numbers it has amassed. Oyka! serves as a highly regarded project that internationally represents the nation of Croatia in the best possible light. While I cannot definitively claim that Oyka! represents the pinnacle of Manntra's career, it is evident that they currently stand at the apex of their musical journey. The images I have seen of their post-release touring only further support this notion, as they have made a profound impact with every performance. However, such success comes as no surprise. As mentioned earlier, Manntra is one of the most authentic metal bands I have encountered within their specific genre, deserving of global recognition.

From a technical standpoint, Oyka! exemplifies exceptional standards across all aspects. The album sounds impeccably clean, clear, atmospheric, powerful, addictive, and catchy. The production, engineering, mixing, and mastering are all executed with precision, resulting in one of the best-sounding metal albums available. The recognition value of Manntra's music is sensational, undoubtedly attributable to the remarkable collective effort of these Croatian gentlemen. There is an amazing team behind them, and it is clear that they possess the necessary ingredients to reach the pinnacle of their field.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly impressed by Manntra and firmly believe they have the potential to become internationally recognized and embark on worldwide tours in the future. All they need to do is continue creating music while maintaining their high musical standards. The rest will undoubtedly fall into place with time.

I encourage you to explore the links provided below if you are interested in discovering more about the band. Follow them on social media, subscribe to their channels to show your support, and ensure you do not miss any of their upcoming releases.

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its warm congratulations to Manntra for their work in Oyka! and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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