Lýsis - Scorched - Song Review - Melodic Metalcore from Falun, Dalarna, Sweden

Lýsis - Scorched - Song Review - Melodic Metalcore from Falun, Dalarna, Sweden

Today we are featuring a promising melodic metalcore band, Lýsis, from Falun, Dalarna, Sweden, with, "Scorched" their latest single release.

I know Lýsis for a long time now, and they stayed with me as a melodic metalcore band with a commercial approach and good production. And it was the same thing that came to my mind while listening to their new song, Scorched, today. It flows so perfectly, you immediately feel like listening to a band from the established scene such as Arch Enemy, in terms of decisions, sound design, production, and song structure. Lýsis is special with every time delivering better than what's expected of them.

First of all, Scorched is a fantastic sounding melodic metalcore song with a modern approach, industry-friendly structure, powerful melodies, and the necessary frontwoman. In my view, Scorched has every quality to play on TVs and Radios, we all know most of the time this is the music played at the top of the industry; great productions with technical djent instrumentation and a melodic catch. Lýsis in this way separated themselves with their talent and professionalism, even though they sound too familiar and commercial at the same time, and they are quite good at it.

I once again enjoyed listening to their impressive vocalist, Isabell Hag, on a new song, who always reminds me of successful vocalists. Her performance and personality are only getting better and better with each new release, Scorched sounded like her best to me so far. She's mainly using two main vocal personalities, death growling like Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer but more melodic, along with melodic and atmospheric like Amy Lee of Evanescence but more Scandinavian. Scorched is a fine example where she was quite impressive with both.

Lastly, another characteristic of Lýsis was very obvious to me; working on a strategy when it comes to making a release. Scorched is a very professionally written song, took all the right steps to make a hit metal song such as mainly focusing on vocals, leaving the band behind just a few steps, super polished sound, and commercial value. In Lýsis' case, it works perfectly, making their music reach more people with its easy-listening approach. This song in particular plays so smoothly, you certainly don't feel like this is an independent/underground band.

On the other side of the coin, I guess one of the weak point in their scenario would be their visual library. The band needs to take advantage of all these releases with a music video at the same vision level and technical standards. When one side in business is doing great while other part isn't, that causes problems. The collective is talented, all they need is the right person who can get this band signed.

Lastly, I also have to admit that this band is many great parts off from other great bands, and this seems to be the right time for them to start working on improving the last missing piece in their case, the personality in their music.

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a great time listening to Scorched. Lýsis is a talented band with established standards and they are still improving. Professional job, established sound standards, industry-friendly structure, commercial value, fantastic energy, simply a melodic metalcore hit. Thanks for reading.

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