Lily Löwe - Löwe - Album Review - Commercial Rock from Eidskog, Norway

Lily Löwe - Löwe - Album Review - Commercial Rock from Eidskog, Norway

Today we are featuring a promising commercial rock artist, Lily Löwe, from Eidskog, Norway, with her debut album, “Löwe”.

There are some facts you immediately know in music such as a good-sounding one, and Löwe album is one of those examples. The album makes the actual difference with its production quality, you feel like meeting a very successful person in life after this impact on you. I am sure you all felt the energy you receive from that person, the vibe of their lively energy. I guess this is the closes explanation I have for the feeling that I felt while listening to the entire album for the first time today.

Secondly, let's be honest, Lily Löwe, deserves appreciation for her effort and energy. She has a lovely image, reminded me of Avril Lavigne's earlier times, less punky, less emo, a better-looking version. Lily Löwe has the necessary qualities in her such as the image to become a cool rocker lady in her future. Obviously, the natural interest in her origins, I can see this in her. What she does looks good on her even though this is just the beginning of her career, especially after seeing the earlier times of Britney Spears.

Additionally, the album musically has lovely tunes without a doubt. They are mainly easy listening with radio-friendly structures. The general natural feeling in its sound immediately moves you, even though I don't necessarily listen to commercial rock music myself, I enjoyed the 80s nostalgic vibes a lot in Lily's music. She's basically combining these characteristics with classic rock and modern recording techniques. The album truly sounds solid for me, deserves the top mark with its technical standards.

Lastly, Lily Lowe has the right team for the job, working with the right people. She has established standards in anything that belongs to Lily Löwe's brand, you immediately feel the potential in her case.

On the other side of the coin, I don't have so much to say about weaknesses, except a few minor things. If I need to be brutally honest with this young lady - which I don't wish to, or I'd never say these heartbreaking things to her in person - but I believe she musically needs to improve her character in order to get to the top level in her career. She has proved herself as a good songwriter, singer, and performer with this album, so naturally, we expect to see more of her.

Lastly, Lily Lowe was obviously chosen as a commercial project. I have to admit that I personally don't listen to such music, but would never bother me if it played on a radio station while driving. I prefer depth in music to be interesting, the opposite way with Lily Lowe's most listened and successful song, Bad Boy.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to Lily Löwe. In my book, Löwe album is a promising step forward in her career that will make her proud all her life.

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Metalhead Community congratulates Lily Löwe for her successful debut "Löwe", and wishes her the very best in her future career. Thanks for reading.


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