Leo Aram-Downs – Like A Lantern, She Awakens – Song Review – Prog Jazz Rock from Brighton, England

Today, I am reviewing the latest single “Like A Lantern, She Awakens” by Leo Aram-Downs, an alternative progressive jazz rock artist from Brighton, England, released on August 12, 2022.

Leo Aram-Downs: Like A Lantern, She Awakens (Official Playthrough)
Additional drum programming by Joe Neil Solan and Alex Barnett

Leo Aram-Downs is an alternative progressive jazz-rock artist from Brighton, England, who caught my attention with his latest single, “Like A Lantern, She Awakens.” The song seamlessly blends alternative, prog, and jazz-rock influences, creating a dynamic journey that is easy to listen to. One of the highlights of this song is Leo’s impressive musicianship, which showcases his skills as a multi-instrumentalist with advanced musical knowledge. His great lead guitars draw inspiration from Pink Floyd‘s sound, which, as a huge admirer of the band, I found to be a delightful addition to the song. The sound production also stands out, as it creates a safe and secure zone for listeners to enjoy the song’s respectable amounts of jazz and progressive rock. Although it has a progressive edge, in the end, the song’s energy is similar to radio-friendly, alternative, and singer-songwriter music.


Leo Aram-Downs, artist photo
Credit: Unknown

While there is much to praise about Like A Lantern, She Awakens, it’s important to address some of its weaknesses. After discussing the song with a friend, we both agreed that the home-studio-recording feeling was present and detracted from the overall experience. Additionally, I personally find that music in which all instruments are performed by one person can lack the dynamic interplay and organic feel of a full band. Finally, the familiar Western influences in the musical concept suggest that the artist may be playing it safe and not exploring new territory. While the secure approach is evident in the foundation, sound design, performances, and production, I found myself wishing for more distinguishing character to set Leo apart from other talented guitar players in the progressive rock genre.


Leo Aram-Downs, artist photo
Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, discovering Leo Aram-Downs with “Like A Lantern, She Awakens” was a great experience. Good sounding easy-listening progressive jazz-rock song performed by a multi-instrumentalist with a familiar musical concept and brilliant musicianship. Thank you for your time and attention, and I hope you enjoyed the review.


Like A Lantern, She Awakens (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork

Additional drum production by Joe Niel Solan and Alex Barnett

Artwork by Amaryllis

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