Late July - Remarkable - Song Review - Singer-Songwriter from Toronto / Los Angeles

Late July - Remarkable - Song Review - Singer-Songwriter from Toronto / Los Angeles

Today I am writing about a promising singer-songwriter/alternative music artist; Late July, hailing from Toronto / Los Angeles with; Remarkable, one of her latest singles released in 2022.

Remarkable (Official Audio)

Late July caught my attention with her success as an influencer first, then I got even more curious about her musical vision, wondering about the connection between these two. Objectively, she is an attractive young lady with talent and passion for music, already has respected discography in her professional music career she started back in 2010.

Remarkable deserves appreciation for its established sound production, industry-friendly sound design, specific musical blend, and commercial potential above everything else. The sound design has characteristics of modern, commercial, and nostalgic alternative music influences in its origins, a perfect fit for radios that mainly play easy-listening alternative music.

Also, the natural-sounding rich instrumentation in Remarkable reminded me of another successful American singer-songwriter; Jeremy Messersmith, whereas the mainstream value and stylish approach to vocals has similarities with Lana Del Rey.

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that the work, in general, has goods over greats, including the musical blend, production, vision, and artistic direction. The idea I made sure of after visiting the artist's discography on Spotify and the video library on Youtube, meant one thing to me; that she isn't signed to a big label.

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Remarkable by Late July. Good sounding easy listening alternative song with mainstream qualities and positive energy. Thanks for reading.



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