Lana Roche - Inner Craze - Song Review - Psychedelic Alternative Post-Rock from London, England

Lana Roche - Inner Craze - Song Review - Psychedelic Alternative Post-Rock from London, England

Today we are featuring a promising psychedelic alternative post-rock artist, Lana Roche, from London, England, with, "Inner Craze" her debut single released in 2022.

Inner Craze (Official Music Video)

Direction & videography: Arthur LuganProduction: Lana Roche & Arthur LuganLighting: Milo HickeyEditing: Arthur LuganAssistant editors: Milo Hickey & Alice SaccoColour grading: Milo HickeyPerformer: Lana Roche

Inner Craze is a slow-burning song with a heavy depressive atmosphere, giving me the impression that it also belongs to an introvert. The obsessive-compulsive mood of the song stands out above everything else, gives you enough dosage you no longer think about any details afterwards. leaving you a taste of Lana Roche's inner world, at least one of her low moments.

The musical side of the song sits on vintage alternative and psychedelic rock influences that reminded me of Placebo, Nirvana, and Radiohead. Lana Roche didn't choose to leave it traditional, blended these origins with the stimulating and aggressive post-rock character of Massive Attack, distinguishing her music from the traditional alternative rock world entirely.

Moreover, the composition has a familiar chord progression that provides a depressive foundation, keeping everything simple and focusing on this specific energy for the rest of the song.

Also, the producer has provided the necessary quality and vision to get mentioned for his/her great work, earning my respect for giving life to such a specific blend while being faithful to both musical influences. The song is extremely moody as it was the main objective, you clearly feel yourself in a dimension where you don't want to be.

Inner Craze Music Video Fragment

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that Inner Craze was too moody for me to enjoy every time I listened to it, rather irresistible once you feel yourself in a certain way where you feel angry with the entire world and want to break things.

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Lana Roche. Alternative psychedelic rock influences meet the Radiohead simplicity, depressive vibes of Nirvana, and the post-rock understanding of Massive Attack. Thanks for reading.



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