Kids In Cages - Boomer - Song Review - Modern Alternative Rock / Rap Metal from Liechtenstein

Kids In Cages - Boomer - Song Review - Modern Alternative Rock / Rap Metal from Liechtenstein

Today, I explore the energetic world of Kids In Cages, a promising modern alternative rock / rap metal band hailing from Liechtenstein. Their new single, “Boomer,” was released on May 19, 2023, leaving me with mixed feelings about their future while I hold this band in high regard.

Kids In Cages - Boomer [Lyric Video]

Another early morning in my surreal life in the mountains of Lucerne, while I work on another special project that I physically had the chance to discover during a fantastic show on July 1st, 2022, at one of Lucerne's most iconic music venues, Sedel, alongside two monsters, Dropout Kings and Ghost Lights. At this very special modern rap metal show, they instantly made an impact on me with their impressive live performances as the opening band, and I have been following them on their social channels ever since. Today, finally, I have the chance to share my opinion about these Liechtensteiner gentlemen.

First and foremost, Kids in Cages left an impression on me for two main reasons: their interpretation and modernization of punk rock and fantastic live performances. However, their new song, Boomer, doesn't quite represent what I have imagined of them. While it has enough quality to make a positive impact on the listener, it doesn't fully showcase what makes them special in different ways that this song doesn't focus on.

Objectively, Boomer is a well-sounding alternative rap rock/metal song that stands out for its familiar concept, incorporating Linkin Park's melodic and commercial qualities with Ghostemane's trap, and Dropout Kings' rap elements. The song is lead by rap and melodic vocals in a radio-friendly structure and commercial sound, accompanied by electronic beats, acoustic drums, melodic catchy chorus melodies, and alternative rock guitars. It's a familiar sounding modern song that stands out for its mainstream character.

Moreover, Kids In Cages support their musical vision with a sound character that will compete internationally. As they carry direct influences from Linkin Park in their musical foundation, the band also chose to support this idea in their sound design, production, and visuals.

Kids in Cages, band photoPhoto credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, it also took me some time to make my mind about this song after having mixed feelings about Kids In Cages' studio material. I have to admit that I believe Boomer is nowhere near their actual potential, which I'll try to explain the reasons below.

First of all, I am still unconvinced of the Kids In Cages character as they seem to evolve with every new release. After discovering a promising modern/post-modern rap/punk rock band in that explosive show at Sedel, I realized that they don't sound the same in their studio material, almost like two different bands with two different angles. This raises the question of whether they are aware of what makes them "special", rather than just being OK with only "good".

The concept in Boomer incorporates elements from the mainstream, yet not enough from themselves, origins, or the underground scene, which made it a bit too familiar in the end. If I were their producer, I would probably go ahead and strip away everything except what they cannot live without, then guide them with what makes them sound like themselves, focusing on what they are most special about. The band has the vocalist with the personality and talent for singing to aim bigger objectives as a band, together with a guitar player with explosive, and entertaining energy. Seeing them live once was enough to convince me of their potential, so regrettably Boomer, for me, wasn't one of their bests.

Kids in Cages, performing livePhoto credit: Unknown

Nevertheless, Boomer, objectively, is successful work with potential. A familiar concept of modern alternative rock, metal, and rap, blending Linkin Park influences with Dropout Kings in a commercial way. Thanks for reading.


DRAVE aka Dave BeuleMixing and Mastering: Pitchback StudiosDesign, Video & Artwork: Cruzkustoms aka Siegfried Strauss

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