Kepa Lehtinen - Helsinki in November - Song Review - Cinematic Music with Theremin from Helsinki, Finland

Kepa Lehtinen - Helsinki in November - Song Review - Cinematic Music with Theremin from Helsinki, Finland
Kepa Lehtinen - Helsinki in November - Song Review - Cinematic Music with Theremin from Helsinki, Finland

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Kepa Lehtinen, a promising cinematic music composer from Helsinki, Finland. His impressive composition, 'Helsinki in November,' showcases his remarkable talent and captivates listeners with its evocative melodies.

Helsinki in November (Official Audio)

Kepa Lehtinen is a special name in the world of movie soundtrack composers, and I recently discovered his exceptional composition, 'Helsinki in November,' through Metalhead Community Submissions. As a passionate fan of dramatic and dark movie soundtracks, I am delighted to find a composer who shares my affinity for this genre. It is an honor to be able to discuss Kepa Lehtinen's artistic creation in this review.

The composition immediately envelops the listener in a strong, mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of the fall season. It evokes heightened emotions and resonates with the natural vibe of the surroundings. Kepa Lehtinen's storytelling ability effectively transports the listener to a rainy November evening in Helsinki, where the tension in the air intertwines with the beauty of the city's historical structures.

In addition to his powerful musical ideas and compositions, Kepa Lehtinen incorporates a unique instrument into his signature style: the theremin. Being an authentic artist is an essential quality, and Kepa Lehtinen sets himself apart from countless other classical and movie soundtrack composers through his skillful use of this instrument. His embrace of the theremin displays bravery and a deep understanding of music, earning our utmost respect.

When it comes to classical music records, there is an expectation of top standards. Kepa Lehtinen's composition easily meets this expectation, as can be heard in the professional recording, balance, and production. Each touch on the piano is crystal clear, conveying subtle differences in energy and mood. The harmonious execution of the composition shines through, successfully transmitting the intended feelings to the listener.

Considering all these factors, I am genuinely impressed by Kepa Lehtinen's musical style. Once listeners enter his dark and moody world, they will undoubtedly be captivated and unable to forget his name.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Kepa Lehtinen for his amazing piece of work, 'Helsinki in November.' We wish him continued success in his future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Kepa Lehtinen, Helsinki in November (2019) EP front cover image. Credit: Unknown

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