Kaptan Kadavra - RDM - Song Review - Death Metal from Ankara, Turkey

Kaptan Kadavra - RDM - Song Review - Death Metal from Ankara, Turkey
Kaptan Kadavra - RDM - Song Review - Death Metal from Ankara, Turkey. Metalhead Community Magazine.

Today we are featuring a promising death metal band, Kaptan Kadavra, from Ankara, Turkey, with, "RDM", the new single of the band.

I listened to Kaptan Kadavra about three months ago for the first time with their single; RDM, which was released on October 10, 2021. In fact, the Turkish gentlemen started their careers with a self-titled long-play album in 2021, so we should keep in mind that this is just their second year together as a collective.

First of all, Kaptan Kadavra is here with us because they are a talented band. RDM has intelligently written ideas crafted in a respected way together, giving life to a complex but traditional death metal composition with heavy, technical, groovy, and progressive metal influences. The heavy instrumentation is accompanied by a promising vocalist with potential, Western/American death metal style, voice personality, attitude, and strength.

Technically, RDM has the necessary industry standards in its recording and mix, a good balance between traditional and modern in its sound personality. I enjoyed the lively energy of the song, reminded me of old-school thrash metal classics. The song never drops the energy level or loses the excitement until the end after listening to numerous progressive sections in the composition, which plays an important role in this successful outcome.

On the other hand, I personally didn't like the impression Kaptan Kadavra created on my mind, mainly with their vibe, graphics, and visuals. Any band's effort in filming a good-looking music video is admirable yet an expected thing from the industry. And the fact is, nobody truly cares how impossible for the band to afford one and make it happen. But they should also keep in mind that this is part of their job where they can't afford to make mistakes. Good music with poor visuals/graphics is bad for business.

The music video along with the band's visuals and graphics made me think of something goofy, in other words, anticlimactic. It's just not for me.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that it was a great pleasure discovering such a talented band from my native country, Turkey. Kaptan Kadavra has proved enough quality so far in their careers for me, and RDM is a good place to start checking them out.

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Metalhead Community Team congratulates Kaptan Kadavra for their new single "RDM", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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