Kanoo - Deleted Years - Album Review - Grungy Alternative Prog-Rock from London, England

Kanoo - Deleted Years - Album Review - Grungy Alternative Prog-Rock from London, England

Today I am writing about the promising alternative progressive rock band; Kanoo, from London, England with; Deleted Years, their long-play studio debut album released on Jan 27th, 2023.

My personal favorite; Kanoo, Low (Official Audio)

Today is the fourth day that I have been listening to Deleted Years by the London-based footballer trio Kanoo, and I have come to the conclusion that these three open-minded, visionary, and easy-going musicians have something special when they come together, and Deleted Years is proof of it.

Although I have been pushing my own boundaries in every way for the past year, I still don't consider myself someone who genuinely plays and listens to instrumental music, except for classical music. I have come to terms with that. However, Deleted Years gave me a special feeling and allowed me to escape my reality and enjoy this great music, being the only instrumental album I have listened to for this long lately.

The album stands out and deserves recognition for its established, traditional, and familiar sound design, live performance energy, and great collective performances. I immediately thought of watching a visually stunning video of Kanoo playing the entire album in their own space. In fact, the album is a 44-minute and 59-second live set, performed live by these talented and advanced musicians, which is one of the main characteristics that make Kanoo special.

Additionally, the album blends alternative, grunge, and 80s prog-rock influences with a live performance feel in terms of sound design and musical foundation. All compositions were written based on performances, and are all dynamic, complex, and progressive. The music takes you on a dreamy and dynamic musical journey, leaving a lasting impression with its natural flow and outstanding performances. Top-class work

Kanoo, band photoCredit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I've got nothing negative to add about the work in general. I think its quite flawless.

Kanoo, band photoCredit: Unknown

In conclusion, I must say that the experience of listening to Deleted Years was fantastic. Dirty grunge rock and vintage prog-rock influences combined with live-performing energy and advanced musicianship, one of the great instrumental albums I have enjoyed listening to recently. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Kanoo, Deleted Years (2023) Album Front Cover Artwork Credit: Unknown

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